August 24, 2020

12 snacks you must eat at Walt Disney World

The Disney Blues are hitting me hard!  Not only because it’s been nearly 12 months since we visited last September 2019, but because I feel it will be a fair while until we get to visit Walt Disney World again due to the current climate!  Until then, we will keep using our creative ways to save for a Disney holiday ideas to stock up the savings!

What is a snack at Disney?

So, with that in mind, I decided to share with you my favourite Disney World snacks!  Snacks are life at Disney World.  When the Disney Dining Plan is running (it currently isn’t due to the pandemic) 2 snacks per day are included per person.  Snacks are huge and a big deal at Disney (both savoury snacks and sweet snacks), so when we visited, we couldn’t wait to try all the magical and exciting food that was available.  A Disney snack can range from a bottle of water to cheese topped fries, a huge sundae or even a Mickey pretzel with cheese!

So, some of you may ask, what is the best snack at Disney? Well, how long is a piece of string!

My top Disney Snacks you must eat at Disney World (and where to find them!)

Mickey Preztel and Cheese

This was one of my ultimate Disney snacks and I cannot wait to return back to Disney World to grab me one of these.  We had several during our last Disney holiday to Florida, and they are just incredible.  Normally around $7, these are a great Disney snack credit (if the dining plan is running) and you also get a warm cheese sauce too – delicious!  They are huge, and enough to feed 2 people.  You can find Mickey pretzels pretty much anyway; in the resorts, parks and Disney Springs.

Mickey Shaped Pretzel with cheese sauce snack credit


Night Blossom

Again, another instagram worthy Disney snack, these Night blossom slush drinks can be found over in Animal Kingdom, in the land of Pandora.  Pongu Pongu (meaning ‘Party Party’) is a quick service kiosk right next to the Flight of Passage exit.  These cooling Disney drinks are what you would refer to as a ‘bioluminescent’ frozen cocktail and consists of layers of apple and dessert pear limeade, topped with passionfruit Boba balls.  Add Barcadi Superior rum to make this an alcoholic beverage.  So, how much is a Night blossom in Pandora?  At the moment (2020) they are priced at $5.99 and $13 for the alcoholic version.  The drink is really refreshing, cooing and sweet – you’ll only need one to keep you going for the afternoon!  I’d say these were the best Disney snack in Animal Kingdom!

Night Blossom best snack in Animal Kingdom

Jack Jack Num Num Cookie

Before our trip to Disney World, we’d heard so much about these Jack Jack Num Num Cookies.  As you can see from the wrapping, these cookies are themed on The Incredibles and are located in Hollywood Studios. Sold at The Neighbourhood Bakery in Pixar Place, these are a very popular snack to have when you visit Hollywood Studios and are huge!  They’re buttery, chocolatey and just plain delicious!

Num Num Cookie Hollywood studios

Strawberry Açai

I drank so many of these gorgeous and refreshing Starbucks drinks during our last trip to Disney World.  As part of the dining plan (worth 1 snack credit no matter what size Starbucks drink you chose) this tasty Disney drink consists of sweet strawberry flavours, with notes of passionfruit and açai, freeze dried strawberries and your choice of water or lemonade – choose lemonade – it’s insane!  You can grab one of these from any Starbucks around the resorts and parks, including Main Street Bakery in Magic Kingdom.

Strawberry Acia from Starbucks Main Street Bakery one snack credit

Bugs ‘n’ Grubs Waffle Cone ice cream

This chocolate ice-cream is only available at Animal Kingdom and sold ay most kiosks (we grabbed ours from Trilo Bites, just as you head into the Dinosaur area).  It consists of Chocolate soft whipped ice cream, toped with jellied worms and a chocolate bug as well as cookie crumbs.   It’s themed on The Lion King which I love! The chocolate in all honestly is pretty tasteless, however the kids loved the sweets and the ice cream is pretty tasty.  Plus, doesn’t it look ace!  Worth one snack credit or priced around $5.99.

Wonderland Slushy with Rock Candy Straw

This refreshing and sweet slush drink from Cheshire Cat Cafe in Magic Kingdom was one of the first snacks we used on the dining plan during our last trip.  I brought 5 – 1 for each of us.  But in hindsight, I should have brought 3!  They’re huge, very filling and VERY sweet!  The drink is made up of Minute Made Raspberry lemonade, Fanta Grape and then finished with a candy coated straw – could you get any more sweeter?!  This is a great fun Disney drink for the kids!

Large Mickey Mouse Cookie

You cannot visit Disney World without trying a Mickey Mouse cookie!  And these bad boys are huge!  Located in all four theme parks and at many kiosks, these Mickey Mouse cookies are the perfect snack to share as a family or a couple.  They are literally the size of my son’s head!  A simple sugar cookie covered in milk chocolate, there really isn’t anything to complain about!

Large Mickey Mouse Cookie Best Disneyworld snack

Rice Krispes Treats

We’ve visited Disney Springs several times and its worth a visit to Goody’s Candy Company where you can make your own Disney Rice Krispy Snacks!  It’s such a great idea and the kids loved getting inventive and putting different flavours together.  First, you select your treat from the fridge section within the store.  Think Apples, Krispy treats or cookies.  Then you select your dipping flavour, topping and then drizzle!  It’s a chocolate haven and really fun to do during your trip to Disney Springs!  And of course, they’ll delicious!

Chocolate Milkshake

Now it may look a little simple compared to some milkshakes we’ve seen but it was surprisingly tasty and very more-ish!  We grabbed our decedent chocolate milkshake from Auntie Gravitys in Tomorrow Land in Magic Kingdom.  It was a smooth and refreshing chocolate milkshake with chocolate sauce, whipped cream and sprinkles – what more could you want on a warm sunny Floridian afternoon?!

Chocolate Milkshake from

Churro Ice Cream Sandwich

Oh my!  This snack was incredible and so tasty!  Located in Magic Kingdom from the Kiosk called Sleepy Hollow, this was amazing to snack on whilst we watched the parade pass by and while away half an hour staring at the beautiful castle.  Disney World Churro’s are amazing, but to have a chuck of vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two churro swirls makes this snack delicious and filling.  The churros are covered in cinnamon sugar and are soft and light.  The combination of the two sweet treats is divine!  This snack needs to be on your top snack list when you next visit Walt Disney World!

Churro Ice cream sandwich best Disneyworld Snack

Cheshire Cat Tail

Prior to our visit to Disney, I created a top snacks list!  And the Cheshire Cat Tail was high on that list to try.  This snack is perfect for a late morning treat, with it being a chocolate swirl/croissant/twist with pink and purple icing covering it.  My only gripe?  It wasn’t big enough!  You can find this delicious Disney snack over at Cheshire Cat Cafe in Fantasy Land.  Despite it being on the smaller size for what I imagined, this is definitely one of my favourite Magic Kingdom snacks to try!

Cheshire cat Tail Magic Kingdom Snack

Lobster Roll

Heading over to Epcot, we used many of our snack credits when eating around the world.  When you visit Epcot, you’ll realise that there are many food options where you can use your snack credits.  As you make your way around World Showcase, you’ll visit several countries where you can try an array of food.  We just had to try to Lobster Roll when we visited the American Pavilion and it did not disappoint.  We visited during the Food and Wine Festival so I cannot comment as to whether this Disney snack is present all year round, but it is located at the Barley and Hops Kiosk.  It consists of Real Maine Lobster, with a delicate Mayo and was the perfect size. It’s on the expensive side, but if using snack credits, this is fantastic value!

Epcot's Lobster Roll best Disney world snack


As you can see, these Disney snacks are definitely instagram worthy Disney World food, so hop on over to my instagram to keep up with the latest Disney instagram posts!

Thanks for reading xxx


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