January 10, 2020

15 types of Rings: What is the Right Opportunity to Wear them?

Women and men love jewellery and often collect it when creating their wardrobes. However, rings aren’t always fashion statements, and in fact, some styles have additional meanings that aren’t taken lightly. When reviewing a wide collection of ring styles, it is recommended that wearers follow tips for understanding the significance of the jewellery pieces. Women or men who want to stay in the know learn about the 15 types of rings and what opportunities are right to wear them.

1. Wedding or Bridal Sets

Wedding or bridal sets are an obvious guess that the wearer is married in most cultures. However, it is important to understand some underlying traditions after your partner has proposed. For Americans, wedding or bridal sets are worn on the left ring finger at all times when the individual is married. If the wearer is divorced and has filed their divorce papers it is common in the culture to wear the rings on the right ring finger. Some women wear bridal sets just for the simple purpose of getting members of the opposite sex to leave them alone in social settings, such as nightclubs. Women who want to browse the current inventory make a point of choosing to shop at adinasjewels.com .

2. Right-Hand Rings

Right-hand rings are an empowering piece of jewellery that signifies a strong, independent woman who is alright on her own. The rings are worn on the right ring finger to express strength and a special love of being single. Women often give rings to their girlfriends, and groups of women often buy them in matching sets. The best opportunity to wear rings is on girl’s nights.

3. Class Rings for High School or College

Class rings from high school or college are worn by young adults mostly, but the rings are often taken out and worn for reunions and special alumni gatherings. The rings are worn on the right hand mostly on the ring or index finger.

4. Promise Rings

A promise ring is given to a girl or woman to signify a strong bond between two people. It is a promise to one day purchase an engagement ring in most American cultures. In some religious circles, the promise ring is a vow to wait until marriage to have sex.

5. Claddagh Rings

The Claddagh ring is traditionally an Irish wedding ring that is worn on the left ring finger. The wearer places the ring facing away from them to indicate that they are single and facing toward them to signify that the wearer is married. The ring signifies friendship, loyalty, and love, and it is often given to a significant other even if the couple isn’t married. When it is a special ring, the wearer might wear the ring on a daily basis. If the wearer is single, it is a way to let others know about the wearer’s romantic availability in Irish cultures.

6. Diamond Cluster Rings

Diamond cluster rings are fashion rings that are worn at fancy parties and gatherings. It is a statement of elegance and prestige indicating that the wearer is of certain wealth and status. Any social gathering is an appropriate time to wear the ring.

7. Cocktail Rings

Cocktail rings are worn as bold fashion statements. The rings come in a variety of styles that are often large and over the top. Women wear rings to get attention and attract the eye. The cocktail rings are worn on the middle or ring finger of the right hand most often. The rings feature a variety of gemstones that are vibrant and appealing to onlookers.

8. Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are given to women or men when a significant other proposes marriage. The rings are worn on the ring finger of the left hand until the day the couple is married. Some individuals wear the engagement ring on the outside of the wedding band to allow them to take off the engagement ring and leave the wedding band in place at all times.

9. Estate Rings

Estate rings are often from the 1930s and feature Edwardian or Art Deco styles. The classic styles are beautiful and elegant. Women often inherit the rings from a grandmother and wear the rings on special occasions to celebrate the life of their loved one.

10. Eternity Bands

Eternity or anniversary bands are worn on the outside of the wedding band after the couple has been married at least 5 years. The beautiful rings feature channel diamonds in a straight row along the top of the ring. It is typically white or yellow gold although more jewellers are offering the styles in platinum or rose gold. It is typically a matter of preference.

11. Puzzle Rings

Puzzle rings are a great conversation piece and allow wearers to present unique styles to the world. The rings come in a variety of styles that are fun and entertaining for the wearer. Silver is a great choice for puzzle rings, and any social gathering is a great time to wear the ring.

12. Signet Rings

Signet rings are often worn by men and are given to them by a father, grandfather, or uncle. The rings often boast the first initial of the wearer’s last name that is engraved on the ring. The rings are often solid gold with at least one diamond. Men wear the rings on the right ring finger most often. However, unmarried men might wear it on the left ring finger or pinky.

13. Solitaire Rings

Solitaires feature on gemstone and are often worn if the individual is engaged or just wants to wear a single stone. It is a nice fashion statement if worn on the right hand. Some individuals wear the ring every day.

14. Stack Rings

Stack rings feature a variety of gemstones and stack on the finger. The rings are worn in three’s and often feature different metals to create a lovely effect. The rings are worn on the right middle or ring finger most often.

15. Mother’s Ring

A mother’s ring is given to a new mother and features both the mother’s and the child’s birthstone. It is recommended to get a ring large enough to add more birthstones if the mother wants more children. It is worn every day to celebrate motherhood.

Women and men wear rings for a variety of reasons including special occasions and fashion statements. Rings are also worn to show a deep commitment between two people. Regardless of the reason, consumers who review tips on wearing jewellery correctly get more use-value out of their purchases.

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