My Top 5 Christmas Presents 2017

I know I know, Christmas feels like a distant memory but I couldn’t miss out on sharing my ‘best bits’ from christmas 2017. I’ve been very torn as to whether to post this but I’ve chosen to write this blog post as I absolutely love other people’s hauls – it not only gives me inspiration when searching for items to buy (whether for myself or gifts for others) but it also saves me TIME! This is by no way a post to show off. As a busy mum to three lively children, I do not have the time or the patience to trawl around shops with the kids in tow. I find it much easier to online shop and instead of being overwhelmed by the amount of choice on some online stores, I can now immediately find something after spotting it on someones blog or vlog! Easy…

So here are my top 5 faves!!

Unicorn shoes (Faith)
Ok so these shoes! Yes I’ve named them my unicorn shoes.  Oh my god. I asked my mother and father in law to buy me these as I instantly fell in love with them. They are not only super comfy (I know, when are stilettos ever comfy?!) but are at a really reasonable price too. I love the mix of pastel colours and the pop of silver on the heel. I have had many comments on them so I just know they are some I NEED in my life! You can find them here with a matching bag.



Ana Sui Sui Dreams perfume
This perfume is my all time fave as not only is it my wedding perfume but a perfume I wore when I met my husband many moons ago when I was 16 ( It brings back so many memories and I still love the scent more than ever).  Its full of warmth, vanilla and sweet citrus scents. Sold in most perfume stores but found it cheapest here


Nespresso Coffee machine
I’ve recently become obsessed with coffee and coffee pods (sad I know! But we all need that coffee hit don’t we!) I had been checking out a few on amazon and one of them was the one I received for Christmas – Nespresso Inissia.  It came with a sample box of pods so for the past few weeks I’ve been getting to know the taste and flavours of the different pods Nespresso offer. Some of them are so strong they take like cigarettes…..not for me!
The bonus about this coffee machine is that it takes alternative pods so no need to necessarily purchase the Nespresso range! Bonus.


Ted baker make up bag
So I’ve had the same makeup bag for 18 months. I love it as its huge but this is also one of its fall backs as I just shove everything in there, including pencil sharpenings, hair bobbles – its become a mess. So I was in desperate need of a new bag and this one is just divine. Love the gold colour and cute bow design and is the perfect size so I don’t overfill. You can find a similar one here.


Who doesn’t love to wear a onesie or a twosie. I have to say I just LOVE loungewear. When I am at home I want to be comfy especially if I am running around after the three kiddies. I need to be comfy! So this was a lovely surprise as I just love Disney. Super soft material and cute design. You can find it here.


What did everyone else get for christmas that they just love and have to share?!


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