Baking Mad Party – Peter Rabbit

Last weekend I held a children’s party at my home provided by Baking Mad.  I know, I must be mad right having a load of excited kids in my home, baking a cake, blowing balloons, buttering ham and cheese rolls…when it wasn’t one of my children’s birthdays!

Baking Mad is a bakers dream – the home to the best recipes, a hub for bakers to share their ideas and inspirations and a place to showcase the tricks of the trade.

Recently, Baking Mad introduced Party Cake Kits for children’s parties in a range of designs; Peter Rabbit, Unicorn, Super Hero, Pirates and Princesses.  Baking Mad asked me to hold my very own Baking Mad party to showcase what their new creation was all about so read on to find out how I got on! (if your anything like me, if it’s about cake, I’m reading/watching/eating!)

Beautiful packaging by Baking Mad

Whatever design you go for, each Cake kit contains the correct amount of ingredients for you to bake the particular design of cake plus 12 cupcakes – included in my cake kit was flour, sugar, vanilla essence, icing sugar, fondant icing, a selection of cake cutters, silver cake board, 24 cake toppers, cupcake cases and a receipt and instruction booklet. All I had to provide was the cake tins, eggs and butter. I have to say the ingredients were top quality and even when eating the uncooked cake mixture (got to be done right?!) it tasted divine!

My two older children got stuck in with helping me back the cake and cupcakes.  I must admit, I’m no ‘Star Baker’ but do feel confident in the kitchen.  Having said then, when looking at the design of the cake I did have cake fear!  I followed the recipe – there were some areas which I had to re-read and would expect that someone who didn’t understand baking all to well could get confused.  But we all had lots of fun (obvs tear tantrums too – I mean when can you bake with your kids and there not be an argument over who licks the spoon?!)

Capturing the kids getting stuck in!

The whole process of baking both the cake and the cupcakes took a good fours hours (a little longer than the instruction booklet stated!) and I had to purchase more icing sugar to ensure I had enough for decorating the cupcakes.  As you can see from the photos below it was a three layered cake with butter cream sandwiched between the layers and then fondant icing layered over the top.  I had a fantastic fencing cutter too which was surprisingly easy to use as well as the flower cutters!


The final masterpiece!

Baking Mad also provided several other items to suit your theme at an extra cost.  I received a beautiful and easy to assemble cake stand, plates, napkins, party bags and invitations.  The quality of these items are top-notch and are beautifully decorated.  The cake stand was extremely sturdy to hold the weight of the cake (it was pretty heavy!) and my party guests all commented on the quality of the card and paper that was used for these products.  The children all thought the design was super cute too!

My Mama friends and all their children couldn’t wait to try the cake!  I was surprised to see how well the cake held being three layers and when I cut into it the cake was set well with the right amount of butter cream sandwiched between.  All the Mama’s really enjoyed the cake as well as the children and I send home each child with a Peter Rabbit cupcake to take home!  I have many texts after to say it was thoroughly enjoyed!

Peter Rabbit Party supplies



Having a party cake kit brings with it convenience and also allows you as a parent to bake a cake without the faff of having to purchase all the ingredients separately, especially when it comes to seeking out the right cutters, toppers and all the matching party supplies.  Yes, I must admit it is super easy to go out to your local supermarket and purchase a cake but if your feeling adventurous and want to attempt to bake a show stopper cake yourself then I would recommend checking out their website and viewing their different party ranges.  The cake kit standard price is at £44.99 with the party supplies being an extra cost but totally worth it if you love having your theme throughout.

I want to say a big thank to Baking Mad for our party kit – we had lots of fun creating our show stopper cake and using the fantastic supplies for our party.  If anyone is interested in checking out their products then please click here.


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  1. This is a lovely idea for a birthday party! The cake looks fab and they definitely looked like they had fun. Thanks for linking up to #globalblogging


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