January Favourites 2018

So January is now a distant memory – how quick has the first month gone.  And February is practically like 2 weeks long so before you know it spring with be upon us! And Easter…bunnies, chocolate, sunshine…ok I’m going off track.

Reflecting back on January, I would like to share my favourite finds with you guys – let me know what you think!!

Children’s finger puppet books

One for the kids – These finger puppet books by author  San Lloyd are just fab – my 3 year old daughter just loves them and it seems there’s a few more than ‘Naughty Nancy’ and ‘Nosy Norman’ available to buy.  They are not too long so perfect for when they want to read again again AGAIN!  And they are fun interactive books for all to enjoy – even I do!  I got these from TKMax and only £2.99.




I absolutely love this photo frame and it goes perfectly with my decor in our kitchen.  Its 8×10 in size and has a lovely detailed design around the edge.  It’s really quirky and I wish I had brought more but our house is just covered in photo frames as I love to take photos.  And you’re not going to believe it but this little beauty was only £1 from Poundland!  I know….bargain huh!?


Aldi No 3 Diffuser

I just had to share my love for this diffuser.  It is stocked in Aldi and was released a couple of weeks before Christmas, stating that it smelt very similar to the Jo Malone scents.  Well, it bloody does!  If anyone is a fan of Jo Malone, you’ll agree with me that the fragrances are just beautiful.  And this smells like the real deal – Pomegranate Noir.  I have it in my hallway and lots of people comment on it when they walk past.  A winner for me!


MUA Eye Palette

Ok so recently I have loved experimenting with different eye shadows and that is down to this eye palette by MUA.  I am loving using MUA at the moment (their foundation and highlighters are great!)  It’s really reasonably priced and I just love the range of autumnal colours it has (OK, I know it isn’t autumn but I love the shades…and I love autumn and the word autumnal…)


Jolly Teabags

I was lucky enough to be gifted these Jollybrew luxury loose leaf tea teabags in a hamper and I was so glad I received them.  I love LOVE my cuppa in the morning so I couldn’t wait to try these out and they didn’t disappoint.  Rich in flavour yet still light, these teabags are now a must on my shopping list! My top choice of Tea so far….and I’ve tried a lot!


Girls Next Sandals

I came across these little beauties for my daughter in the Next Sale.  They are perfect for the summer (I brought a size up) and just love the metallic silver and the little star charm  too – such a cute touch.  They also look quite sturdy and supportive so perfect for my little madame when we are out and about.  Only £5 too!


Lenor Unstoppables

Last of all, I want to discuss these bad boys.  I mean, how have I only come across these!!!  Basically, those of you who are reading and don’t know, Lenor Unstoppables are an ‘in wash’ scent booster (basically make your clothes smell yummy and FRESHER!)  They contain 9x the amount of perfume scent than fabric conditioner.  So the smell really sticks around.  I love these.  They can be pricey but if you shop around (B&M Bargains do them for much cheaper!) then have a try!

Image 01-02-2018 at 21.51

I hope you enjoyed my January 2018 finds!  What are your favourites so far this year?

One Messy Mama
Renovation Bay-Bee

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