Prestige Flowers – My Review

‘Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul’. – Luther Burbank

Flowers are certainly a way to a girl’s heart and bring life into any home.  So I was super excited to be chosen to review a luxury bouquet of flowers by Prestige Flowers.  I love having flowers around my home – especially in these cold winter months as it can bring that bit of sunshine we all need into our kitchens or living rooms.  The colours, smells and visual beauty is enough to get me thinking of the warmer months and always brings a smile to my face.

Stunning Flowers
Portective carboard box

Flowers make me happy guys, so when I received this delivery via next day delivery (super quick!) I felt like it was my birthday!  Arriving in a protective cardboard box, my flowers were wrapped in cellophane and had arrived safely with no damage.  I was pleasantly surprised to also find some luxury chocolates (which tasted divine!), a soft cuddly teddy bear and a vase to showcase my flowers in!  Also included was a leaflet explaining how to look after my flowers which was quite informative, especially as a learned that you should change the water every day (room temp) and clean the vase each day to prolong the life of the flowers – something I never knew!

My luxury bouquet consisted of gerberas, sublime sorbet roses with flares of the freshest germane flowers – it was stunning and I couldn’t wait to get them in water and into my new vase.  I was suitably impressed with the amount of flowers within the bouquet – I have to say it contained so many stems and the most roses I’ve had in a bouquet before.  Once arranged into my new vase, I was happy and my flowers now take pride of place on my kitchen breakfast bar.

Luxury chocolates

The luxury chocolates that arrived along with the bouquet were very chocolatey and very yummy.  They were much nicer than I expected considering they were not a brand I had heard of before but I have to say they were the nicest chocolates I have had (very similar to Lily O’Brian’s).  Some of the flavours included were lemon chocolate, chilli and chocolate and chocolate brownie.  Heaven!  The box did not last long let me tell you!

Nearly a week in and my flowers are still looking as fresh as ever.  I am sticking to the advice from the flower leaflet and changing the flower water every day with room temperature water as well as cleaning the vase.  Lets hope they last a further week!  I am super impressed with the service and the quality and quantity of flowers my bouquet consisted of.   They honestly have an amazing scent whereby all I have to do is walk past them and I cam smell the freshness of the flowers.

Prestige flowers offer a next day delivery service and deliver 7 days a week.  With Valentines and Mothers Day in mind, I think receiving flowers in the post is something that is special, traditional and would please any person of any age, especially if someone loves a surprise! (which I do!)  Prestige offer a valentines and mother day range which you can find here.

Vibrant summery colours

You can add further gifts to your chosen bouquet at a cost, for example the vase is an additional £5.99 as well as the soft teddy bear.  Prestige are running an offer at the moment where you can receive chocolates free with your order.  Make sure you check out their website to see more on offer!

The perfect gift for valentines or Mother’s Day

So if your thinking of purchasing that special someone a gift for any occasion, whether it be Valentines or Mothers Day, an upcoming birthday or a thank you gift, visit their website and have a browse of all the wonderful bouquets they have to offer, for all sorts of budgets.  It really is a great way of sharing the love and your guaranteed that flowers always makes someone feeling brighter and happier.

So quite frankly, if you want to make someones day, please check out their website here.  I was truly impressed!

Disclosure: I was sent a Prestige Luxury bouquet free of charge for review purposes.  All opinions are honest and are my own

Surrey Mama


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  1. I never new that about the water and clean vase, I’ll definitely try that with my next flowers. I hate when the vase looks all manky so even if it didn’t work it would be worth doing. I love having fresh flowers in the house too, they always make me smile when I catch sight or scent of them

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  2. I’ve had flowers from Prestige before and they were as beautiful as yours – I didn’t get a bear or chocolates though – lucky lady! Thanks for sharing with #TriumphantTales, hope to see you again next week.


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