Review: Ouch pouch – the ultimate first aid kit for kids

Here at The Willow Tree, we love trying out new products.  Products that are inventive, unique and helpful to us parents.  Getting the opportunity to review the Ouch Pouch came at a perfect time.  We were just about to go on holiday to Ibiza for two weeks, and as any parent knows, having a first aid kit is a must when going on holiday.  Actually, it’s a must when leaving the house for any outing right?!

What is the Ouch Pouch?

As a parent, one of our main worries is if (and when!) our children will injure themselves.  The ouch pouch is a great first aid kit that offers parents the reassurance that when this happens, you have the right products to attend to their needs.  It is a perfect first aid kit for on the go, and perfect to take on holiday with us.  Its lightweight, small in size and appealing to the eye!  The kids were really interested when I unboxed it when it arrived!

The packaging of the Silly spoon Ouch pouch

The Ouch Pouch is the first of its kind in the UK and was designed and created by Phillipa who, after creating the spilly spoon in 2011 (which is provided) she then went on to create the Ouch Pouch.  She wanted a first aid kit for parents that could be used on a daily basis for everyday medicines and a bag suitable to carry around an epi pen too.  As I have a nephew who is allergic to nuts, I know just how important it is to have this on you at all times and having the space within the ouch pouch for this is fantastic!

Inside of the Ouch Pouch

Inside you receive:

  • ZGEL – a soothing gel which is suitable for grazes, bumps, bruises and bites (perfecto for holibobs!)
  • STERILE WIPES – always a must when out and about with the little ones
  • CHILDREN’S PLASTERS – and even with a cute design too!
  • MUCKY MITS HAND SANITISER – perfect to clean those little hands which is alcohol free and made from natural products
  • 60ML MEDICINE BOTTLE – Great to transfer over any calpol or antibiotic medicine you may have for your break way and even complies with the national travel standards of taking liquids on board.  It even has a child safety cap too
  • FEVER FOREHEAD THEMOMETER – always so important to carry around for them dreaded temperatures that can occur (and scare me silly!)
  • SPILLY SPOON – Phillipa’s first invention.  A fantastic way to give your child’s medicine without any spillage!

These items are stored in a zipped thermal bag with several compartments to keep all your items safe.  As mentioned, there is also space for an epi pen!

Forehead thermometer provided in the ouch pouch first aid kit

60ml liquid medication bottle for transferring meds for when on holiday inside the Ouch pouch

Our verdict

Even during the summer months, my three have had a summer cold. They were no doubt passing it back and forth to each other!  We normally use a syringe or a spoon when administering calpol, however when another round of sniffles hit us, we gave the spilly spoon a go.  This is perfect for being out and about to save you faffing around with a makeshift spoon or giving it to them out of a pouch.  It certainly makes life easier.  And of course the kids loved it and all wanted to have a go (of course with no medicine in when not needed!)

W taking some medicine out of the Spilly spoon provided in the ouch pouch

Whilst we were on holiday we brought the kids some new shoes for around the pool.  And low and behold, they rubbed up and they got blisters!  Thankfully, we had some fun plasters on hand to help the kids cover up their blisters and help them heal!

The plasters on W's feet that were provided in our ouch pouch

Personally, I love the idea of the medicine bottle as it allows you to take a small amount rather than a glass bottle.  It’s especially idea if you wish to take it on an aeroplane as it is below 100ml. No one wants to get stopped at the airport because they have over the liquid amount. I also love how the Ouch Pouch provides a forehead thermometer.  We have an ear thermometer at home.  But when out and about, it can be heavy to carry around along with the kitchen sink! (Anyone else’s bag full of stuff for the kids!) So this is perfect!

Its’ a definite thumbs up from us!  The Ouch Pouch is priced at £14.99 and if you want to find out more, click here.


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