Back to school checklist and tips

This summer has flown by!  I cannot believe that it is now only 1 week until both B and W go back to school.  This year is pretty exciting (and emotional!) and W is starting reception!  Whilst I appreciate that this post should have gone live about a month ago (I am never prepared!), I still think that it is useful. This list is more for myself reminding me what I still have outstanding!

Check List

  • So the most obvious – get their uniform ready.  For some new school starters, you’ll be buying the whole list.  However, for my two, as they have already attended school the previous year, I do have most of what they need.  If they still fit in to their school shoes, they will continue to wear them as long as they are in good condition.  However, I do like to buy fresh shirts and polo shirts as most of them had gone grey!  Now, all my kids uniforms are cleaned and hanging up in their wardrobe ready for next week. Phew!  For new school starters, school will normally provide you with a list of the items you need to purchase.  READ IT!  Or panic last minute! Th choice is yours…


  • Especially for new starters, get your child to practice getting themselves ready.  If this is new to them, it could take some time on the first day back!  So there is no harm having a trial run, making sure it all fits so that you are aware of any alterations (I find straps or velcro shoes are easier too!)  My son has some elasticised laces for his trainers too if they cannot do their laces yet!  WARNING:  Be  prepared to weep when you see them in their uniform…there is nothing quite so wonderful and sad at the same time!

Back to school spelled out on Scrabble pieces

  • Now we are heading into the cooler months, make sure that whatever rain coat or winter coat they have fits them still.  We had recently brought some rain coats a couple of months ago which all still fit.  However, I do know that W does need to practice doing up her zip!  Over the next week we will be practicing doing this with her.  With the warm summer months there has been no need to wear coats so I think she may have forgotten!


  • Labels.  Ok this is something I am not good at.  But it does need to be done.  I find that items of their uniforms can so easily be misplaced, and some of the stuff isn’t cheap.  So label their items, including their shoes, socks, water bottles (how many times has B lost one of these!) and lunch boxes.


  • Talking off lunch boxes – whether your child has hot dinners or not, I think it’s a good idea to get one.  The school my children go to give the option of either.  After a year’s worth of use, I always feel a fresh one needs to purchased! I always think its a lovely idea to get the kids to pick one themselves to prepare them for the return to school, making it a little exciting for them too!


  • For W, she is now vey confident with going to the toilet.  However, for some, this may be something that they are still learning or working on.  I think it is always a good idea to prepare them for going to the toilet independently and what the whole process involves.  Wiping, flushing (is it just my kids that forgot to do this!?) and washing their hands. It is so important to teach then about hygiene as there can be many germs passed around school which can spread very quick!


  • Especially for W who will be starting big school this September, we have been speaking about going back to school during the summer holidays to prepare her.  Whilst she did attend pre-school, she will now be attending all day so I think its such a big step!  I find that when we talk about school in a positive light, she will get all excited which is really reassuring!  We’ve been talking about her new teacher and what activities they’ll get up too!  We also live really close to the school, so I’ve made sure that on walks to our local park, we’ve passed the school which has been a great idea!


  • Summer holidays are for fun!  But B and W has enjoyed doing some learning activities whilst they’ve been off.  I think this does help for when they return to school as it is such a long time off.  The Octopus learning subscription box was a great way for them to do some fun and educational activities.  You can read all about what we got up to here.

A close up of the octo card

  • I find that slowly easing the kids back into their bedtime routine will also help prepare them for going back to school.  Over the summer they have definitely have a more relaxed routine, especially for B who doesn’t get as tired at W.  So for the last week, I ‘ll be slowly bringing forward his bedtime and ensuing that their is reduced amount of computer time and TV before bed (easier said that done right?!)


  • Finally, make the most of the last week together!  Wether your at home or at work, spend some un quality time together.  Get the board games out, dance around the living room and enjoy your last week! (At the same time I am sure some of us are pulling our hair out screaming ‘GO BACK TO SCHOOL AREADY!)

Do you have any more tips on kids going back to school to add to the list?  Please comment below!




  1. August 30, 2018 / 7:31 pm

    All I have left to do is get the packed lunch stuff bought when we get back from Dubai. Everything else is labelled and ready to go!

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