The secrets of Disneyland Paris


Visiting Disneyland Paris (or any Disney park for that matter) is not just a holiday.  It’s an experience! A magical journey where you take a trip into a wonderland of fantasy, magic and overwhelming delight.  It truly is a magical experience and I wanted to share with you all my secrets of Disneyland Paris.

There is so much more to Disneyland Paris than what you see.  There is also many more things to explore that you may not know about.  There are some incredible things that visitors can miss that they may not be aware of.

Secrets of Disneyland Paris

  • Disneyland Paris is full of ‘hidden Mickey’s’.  They are in pavements, gates, lights, rides, ride queues – everywhere.  Just take a closer look…


  • If you stand outside the dentist which is to the right of the square before you walk down Mainstreet, you can hear the Dentists drill.  On the sign outside the Dentist lists four names.  There are the names of the imagineers that created the four lands within the park.


  • The barbers on Mainstreet is called Dapper Dans.  If you stand and look in the mirror situated outside, you may grow a beard.  The reason for there being a barbers at each Disneyland paris is Walt paying tribute to his Father, who was a barber himself!


  • Do you have a good scent of smell?  If so, then I have heard that some floats used during the parades disperse scents during their journey!

Secrets at disneyland paris during the parade sometimes floats disperse scents


  • Head to the coffee shop on Mainstreet.  Sometimes you may just see steam coming from a cup if you look up.


  • A little further down Mainstreet near the Ice cream parlour is a window  that says ‘Piano Lessons’.  If you listen REALLY carefully, you’ll be able to hear someone playing the piano not too well!

Mainstreet searching for Disneyland paris secrets

  • If you look closely on the castle, you will see what look like little humps.  These are in fact gold snails…as we are in France after all!


  • When outside Snow White ride, if you look up, you can sometimes see the Evil Queen in the window.


  • If you are seated outside near Victoria’s, you can hear someone in the shower and brushing their teeth coming from the apartment above!

Disneyland paris secrets and the castle

  • There are two carriages on the Carousel.  These are original and are over 100 years old!  They were first used in California Disneyland.


  • Did you know you can have a go at driving the Mark Twain Riverboat?  If you ask a Cast Member politely when boarding the boat, they may just let you experience driving it in the Wheelhouse!  I hear they give out certificates too!


  • If you have been before you will know this one.  But for first timers, do to forget to go and visit the Dragon who lives under the castle.  The best way to access this is by walking down the path to the left of the castle.


  • When visiting Walt Studios, look out for hidden Remy’s when visiting Paris!


  • Some street lamps used down Mainstreet and in both arcades are actually gas lamps (some are also electric)  Spot the hidden Mickey’s too!

Lamps at Disneyland paris


  • In Liberty Arcade, which is the walkway that runs down the left of Mainstreet, has a room concealed by a red curtain.  You can go in there and hear the opening speech for the Statue of Liberty!


  • When exiting Phantom Manor, you will come across a Grave Yard which you can have a little wander past.  Listen closely…you make be able to hear a few hearts beating!


  • Finally, did you know you can have a tour of Disneyland Paris?  The tour lasts for two hours and you can learn so much more about the Parks!  You can find our more here!

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Did you enjoy my secrets of Disneyland Paris? Do you have any more secrets to add to the list?  I’d love to know more so please comment below!





  1. Matt O’Connor
    September 10, 2018 / 7:14 pm

    Some great secrets of Disneyland there!

  2. rachel
    September 10, 2018 / 11:03 pm

    wow, sounds amazing! some fab secretsx

  3. March 4, 2019 / 7:44 pm

    Awh this was such a lovely way to write a travel post on Disneyland Paris without having to write large paragraphs to set the scene. You really have a keen eye! I’ve never been before but I feel as if I’m transported there through your words… Especially when you mention the Evil Queen looking through the window!

    • March 4, 2019 / 8:19 pm

      Ah thank you for your kind words – glad my post was so insightful! x

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