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We recently visited Disneyland Paris and OMG do I have the Disney blues!  So I decided to write about the Disney reveal box I created for the kids, as they had no clue about out trip!  We booked the trip about 6 months ago, and decided to keep it a secret from the kids!! It was so hard to not tell them, especially in the lead up as of all the last minute planning.

Instead of just telling them, I wanted to make a reveal box for them.  I didn’t want to spend a fortune, but I wanted it to be full of Disney goodies and Disney related items!  I had a cardboard box that I decided to wrap up half in Disney Princess Paper for W and Spiderman for B and Baby K.  It was really hard to wrap but I did the best I could – I really don’t think the kids cared to much about my wrapping.  At the bottom of the box, I printed several pieces of paper which I stuck down which read

We are going to Disneyland Paris….TODAY!!!

Our disney reveal box for the kids

I then packed the box with Disney inspired gifts.  Here is what I included and where from!

Disney Reveal Box item list

  • 3 sets of PJ’s.  They needed some new PJ’s anyway so this was perfect for them to wear on our trip.  I ordered Star Wars for B, Minnie Mouse for W and Mickey Mouse for Baby K all from Amazon.

3 sets of PJ's for our Disney reveal box

  • I then found some Disney snacks for Baby K (and which I though the other two would eat too!) I brought packs of biscuits and fruit bake bars and these were from the Pound Shop.  And obvs were £1 each.  We always take snack bags which I prepare before we go on our Disney trips, so this was a perfect addition to the Disney reveal box and to take with us too!

disney snacks from poundland mini biscuits and fruity bake bars

  • I wanted to include something that we could play during our journey.  So I found Disney Top Trumps which I knew we could all play together (bar Baby K who would throw the cards everywhere!)  Again, I purchased from Amazon.

Disney Top Trumps game was included in our Disney reveal box to play on our journey to Disneyland paris

  • Ok, so this may be a little weird on.  But I brought the older two Disney electric tooth brushes.  Both needed new toothbrushes and when I saw them (again on Amazon!) for half the price as I saw them at Asda, I brought them.  W’s is Frozen themed and B’s is Star Wars.  Both were really impressed with them and now happily brush their teeth!!

Disney inspired toothbrushes to use at Disneyland paris

  • Again from Poundland, I found these Disney themed bubble bath and wash sets.  I didn’t get any for Baby K just because he is that bit younger and has more sensitive skin.  But I couldn’t resist when I saw the Disney Princess bubble bath and Marvel wash set.  At £1, these were a bargain!  We took these on our trip to use, which the kids loved!

Disney bubble bath and Marvel bath wash

  • For W, I brought her a new Minnie Mouse tracksuit to be included in the Disney reveal box.  I also brought Baby K a new Mickey Mouse T-shirt and as B needed a new coat, I also included that in the box.  Although it wasn’t Disney, I knew he would totally appreciate it and think it was cool!  So I just saved it for the box instead of giving it to him.  I think it’s a nice idea to include a piece of clothing, whether it be a personalised Tee, or matching hoodies! W’s tracksuit was from Asda.

W's Minne Mouse tracksuit included in the Disney reveal box

  • I also included a couple of the activity booklets that Magic Breaks offer to you when you book through them.  If you happen to not book through Magic breaks, I am sure you could make up your own activity sheets to include in your own Disney reveal box.  There were great for the journey down as it included colouring sheets, crosswords and different games.

Magic breaks disney activity booklets

  • Finally, I included a pair of Minnie Ears that Willow already owned and two Disneyland Paris park maps which I was kindly sent from a member of a Disneyland Paris advice group on Facebook – thank you!

Are you thinking of making up a Disney reveal box?  What would you include?  I hope I have offered some inspiration to create one on a budget!



  1. Matt
    November 24, 2018 / 4:16 pm

    Great idea to reveal such an amazing trip!

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