What to pack for Center Parcs

This half term, we are going back to the lovely Center Parcs, Sherwood Forest.  We visited Center Parcs for the first time last February half term and fell in love with the place!  And with only 4 more sleeps to go, I decided to write a What to pack for Center Parcs post, not only for advice to others but also a guide (and a reminder!) for myself!

We are going for three nights Friday – Monday and have booked a 3 bed Executive lodge, similar to what we stayed in last year.  Within the lodge, you get a kitchen, dining and lounge area and even a sauna!  So with this in mind, here are my suggestions as to what to pack for Center Parcs!

What to pack for Center Parcs

  • Toilet roll.  When you arrive, the maids will have left some for you in each bathroom within your lodge.  However, I always find that this is easily used quick (especially when you have men in your lodge!) So, I would recommend taking some extra rolls


Center Parcs toilet roll with a CP sticker

Don’t forget to bring extra toilet roll to Center Parcs


  • Hand sanitiser.  This is mandatory for any holiday we take.  I always keeps some in my bag and in our first aid kit.


  • Whilst there is a shop onsite, it is a little pricey.  So, we take our own food, especially snack and breakfast items.  This year, we are choosing to cook one night, so we are preparing a meal and taking it with us.  If you are going to cook, think about any particular utensils or baking trays you’ll need.  If you wish, you can have a grocery pack delivered to your lodge for when you arrive from the onsite shop.  Bring the wine!!!


  • As with any holiday trip, I always pack snack bags for the kids for the journey.  I will also take some extra sandwich/snack bags to fill up whilst we are there for when we are out and about.  Have you seen how hungry a child can be after swimming?!  You and me both!


  • Water bottles are great for whilst your out and about.  And if the kids are not that keen on water, you can now take the Robinson’s squeezy squash to top up.


  • For your arrival, there is a washing up/kitchen pack containing a dishcloth and 3 dishwasher tablets, so if you want to make use of the dishwasher, bring some extra tablets.  I also take washing up liquid with me and decant it into a empty plastic container as we will only seen a small amount and saves bringing the whole bottle.


Kitchen welcome back including dishwashing tablets, tea towel, cloth

Kitchen welcome pack


  • Bin bags


  • Center Parcs do provide shower gel, shampoo and soap for your stay.  But I tend to bring my own.  And check if you have a bath to include bubble bath for the kids!


Center parcs toiletries including a bottle of shower gel, shampoo and soap - in include to bring your own toiletries in my what to pack for center parcs

Center parcs toiletries


  • Some lodges have a real log burner, which is just lovely to light on an evening and snuggle with a glass of wine.  We did purchase some from the shop – a pack cost around £10.  But if you do have wood at home, bring some.


  • If board games are your thing, then bring along to enjoy playing during your stay.  It really is a holiday for relaxing (if you wish it to be, as there are many activities to do whilst there).  However, if your wishing to spend some quality time in your lodge, take a deck of cards or a family board game for entertainment.


  • Disposable BBQ.  You can purchase this from the shop, but for a small price I suggest to bring your own.  Toasted marshmallows anyone?!


  • There are towels provided for you in your lodge and I believe you can hire out towels at the swimming centre at a charge of £2 each.  However, its much easier to bring your own towels for the pool – and don’t forget your swimwear!  Floats and lifejackets are all included at the pool free of charge.


  • This is something I can forget each holiday – swimming nappies!


  • You can hire bikes for the whole duration of your stay for just for a period of time whilst staying at Center Parcs.  However, if you have your own and have a bike rack or a big enough boot, bring them!


  • Layers! We visited in February last year and again this year.  It was freezing last year but we had glorious sunshine all weekend which kept us that bit warmer and did have to take off our big coats.  Consider what time of year your visiting and check weather reports ahead of your visit to see what best clothing items to bring.  And if the weather is cold – gloves!


my three children in their warm coats smiling at the camera at Center parcs in my post called what to pack for center parcs

Bg coats and layers included in my list of what to pack for Center Parcs


  • Finally, we did A LOT of walking the last time we visited Center Parcs.  So I would 100% recommend including comfy shoes in your list of what to pack for Center Parcs.  And wellies if you know the weather is going to be wet!

We cannot wait for our trip, and will of course be sharing our holiday with you, so watch this space!


Thanks for reading xxx


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