May 12, 2020

Peel Procedures to Improve Your Skin

With spending nearly 2 months at home, I have really come to recognise my skin and know what it does and doesn’t need.  From this, I know that home skincare regimes are a great way to keep skin clean and healthy but is certainly not the comprehensive solution to long-term skin health. Sometimes, a little extra help is just what the doctor ordered to improve your overall skin condition, and a clinical peel is a great place to start. 

A clinical peel procedure could provide exactly the boost you need to improve your skin. Bear in mind though, that different peels yield different results. So how to pick the right peel for you?

Peel procedures to improve your skin

Peeling: Resurfacing for Your Best Skin Appearance

Despite its somewhat frightening name, a skin peel will not actually take your skin off. While it certainly can sound quite daunting, it does not involve the stripping of layers of skin. The “peeling” refers to the removal of the superficial layer of dead skin cells and grime which can easily clog the pores and leave the skin looking dull and tired. In fact, a skin peel procedure is very safe, and ensures that clean, fresh skin is revealed. 

The Best Peeling Techniques

Some peeling techniques have stood the test of time, and remain in circulation because they are safe, accessible and effective. However, there are some limitations to certain treatments that you should consider when deciding which is the best treatment for you. Laser peel treatments, as an example, use a combination of heat and light in the therapy. However, this treatment method has proven to be less effective on oily skin. Micro-treatments, such as microneedling or microdermabrasion, or even a chemical peel, might be better choices under these circumstances.

The Ever-evolving Technology Behind The Perfect Peel

The skincare industry is a hotbed of development and innovation. New methods, technologies, treatments, and therapies are constantly in development, and the quality of the offerings seem to get better by the day, as can be seen in the JetPeel treatment, one of the newest entrants to the market. The advantages of new and improved technologies include greater safety and fewer side effects. It also affects the cost of treatments, as the array of newly developed methods means that more options for more treatments are readily available, at a range of prices to suit every pocket. 

Why Peel? 

The pivotal question, because you take care of your skin, don’t you? The answer is simple. Even the best home care does not safeguard your skin against external damage, hormonal changes, and the natural aging process. To safely bypass these elements, a peel is your first line of defense.  

Pick Your Peel

There are as many peel options as there are skin types, and that’s a lot! Your skin’s condition, color, structure, and integrity all influence what type of peel would be best suited to you. Some people prefer microneedling, some prefer a chemical peel. Others prefer options that are more suited to a broad-spectrum treatment, like the JetPeel. The best and final answer lies in always having a consultation at your clinic before committing to a treatment. 

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