June 11, 2020

How Do Lifestyle Choices Affect my Child’s Education?

There are many factors that contribute to a child’s performance in school, including a positive attitude, hard work, and even healthy lifestyle choices. A poor diet and lack of sleep or exercise will reduce your child’s ability to concentrate and retain information and, instead, will heighten stress levels and reduce the immune system. With that in mind, it’s important for parents to encourage healthy lifestyle choices within their home. One of London’s top Sixth Form colleges have more information below.

How do lifestyle choices affect my child's education?


Starting the day in the right way is of the utmost importance, for adults and children alike. The type of breakfast your child eats will determine the way the day pans out. Foods with high sugar content will boost your child’s energy levels, but only temporarily until the “crash”, which will make them lethargic and prevent them from focussing to the best of their abilities. Instead, try and encourage them to eat a healthy nutritious breakfast with a glass of water.

how Do lifestyle Choices Affect my child's education?


As well as the obvious physical benefits of exercise, it also has a positive affect on the mind. It’s an fantastic way to enhance memory and attention, ease stress levels and help with overall learning. If you don’t think your child is getting enough exercise, you could perhaps suggest that they join an extra-curricular club, such as dance or sport, so that they are able to move around, stretch and get their heart rate up during the week.


A lack of sleep, or even too much sleep, will make it difficult for your child to concentrate. In fact, limited sleep can actually temporarily weaken the part of the brain that deals with problem-solving, planning and organisation. These are all necessary skills for children who are dealing with schoolwork. Try and set and stick to an appropriate bedtime for your child so that they are getting around 8-9 hours of sleep per night. You might want to limit their screen time in the evenings as well, as they can stimulate the brain and keep your child awake at night.

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