July 19, 2019

3 Places worth visiting in Laos


A relatively new destination for the more intrepid traveler, Laos has an abundance of natural beauty and a unique charm that distinguishes itself from any other country in the region. Laos has relatively recently opened its doors to tourists and the people that get off the beaten track in this country are richly rewarded.

A word of warning: during the Vietnam war Laos was bombed extensively. Literally millions of unexploded bombs still litter the country and kill or maim hundreds of local people every year. This doesn’t mean that you can’t explore what the country has to offer. 

For safe and enjoyable touring, I’d recommend looking into Laos escorted luxury tours and deciding on booking for one, rather than travelling independently. You will be able to see more, learn more and ultimately stay safe wherever you go. It will be adventure, comfort and safety rolled in one.

There are, of course, loads more places in Laos worth visiting, but these destinations I’ve detailed below stand out.


Luang Prabang

This is the jewel in the crown of Laos fledgling tourist industry and in my opinion, truly magical. Obviously other people agree with me, hence its World Heritage Town status! The town is literally full of temples that you can visit and explore as well as other attractions. The biggest draw for me in this town, is the seemingly effortless ease that the traditional can exist side by side with the modern aspects. The town contains a high number of good quality restaurants, which are all housed in the original buildings that Luang Prabang is quite righty famous for. You will not see many new buildings here, Luang Prabang has a real traditional feel about it and the local authorities are eager to maintain this charm.



Image Source: Pixabay


This gateway to southern Laos is distinctly different from the towns in the north of the country both in culture and temperature. Pakse, whilst not holding any particular sites of note, is located near the Bolaven Plateau, the home of Laos coffee production. The spectacular scenery and waterfalls at altitude make this area of Laos a refreshing change from the searing temperatures at sea level. This area for the most part, is rural and has a number of exquisite resorts where you can kick back and really enjoy the natural surroundings.


Si Phan Don Islands

Perhaps a little strange for a landlocked country, the Si Phan Don Islands (which when translated means 4000 islands in Lao) were created by the Mekong River dispersing near the border between Laos and Cambodia and forming islets. Some of the islands are bigger than other and ultimately have more facilities. Whatever you are looking for in a completely relaxing holiday you will find it here, time does pass slowly but that’s exactly what you need at times to break from the usual 9-5 grind at home.