March 18, 2024

5 Innovative Landscape Ideas to Add Value to Your Outdoor

Are you standing on your porch and wondering if it is time to change the appearance of your outdoor space? You don’t need to wonder anymore, because it is time to improve that landscape by either changing the design or planting flowers in your garden.

Just in case you are wondering, the benefits of landscaping are not limited to just aesthetics, its innovation holds numerous benefits such as it can be a means for producing renewable energies, it protects you from natural hazards, and it can serve as a place for local recreation and leisure.

In 2024, individuals interested in landscaping are now going for a fresh and relevant look. So, while serving the purpose of beautifying the environment, it should serve utmost purpose to its owner.

Because we do not want you to stay behind on the trend, we will be listing and explaining five innovative ideas that will help you add value to your landscape.

5 Innovative Landscape Ideas to Add Value to Your Outdoor Grass

5 Innovative Landscape Ideas to Add Value

1.Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Features

2.Multi-Functional Outdoor Living Spaces

3.Edible Landscaping and Vegetable Gardens

4.Sensory Gardens and Outdoor Art Installations

5.Smart Technology Integration

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Features

The landscaping practice that you adopt usually depends on the type of landscape that you have. Your landscape could be coastal, riverine, desert, karst or mountain.

Regardless of what your landscape is, you should consider elements that are sustainable and eco-friendly. Let the form, colour, texture, and line of your landscape be unified, simple, dynamic, bold, and balanced.

While you can install a water feature, you should consider harvesting rainwater for efficient water management and conservation. For your flowers and plants, go for native and disease-resistant plants, so that you don’t have to maintain them all the time and also because of the ecological benefits that it offers.

It may be cold during winter, but definitely, the heat will be high during spring. You wouldn’t want the stagnant water that will breed mosquitoes or contribute to making the environment damp and hot.

To prevent that, you need to work on your drainage by installing permeable pavers and reducing emissions. If your landscape serves as a habitat for wildlife, then do not disturb it. If it doesn’t and you just want to support the wildlife, feel free to create multiple levels of foliage and flowers that will attract them.

You can also try composite decking materials if you live in regions that experience rainfall. If you live on a hill, then you must already be experiencing erosion on your plants.

Other factors that can cause erosion include heavy rain, strong wind, overuse of land and foot traffic. The solution is to plant ground cover plants such as creeping phlox, periwinkle, pachysandra, thyme, creeping juniper, bugle herb, liriope, ajuga, lily of the valley, etc (depending on the ones you can find in your region) to protect your commercial plants.

Multi-Functional Outdoor Living Spaces

Whether you have a large landscape or not, the design you choose to implement will determine whether you are properly utilizing your outdoor space.

With a single design, you can create a multi-functional outdoor space that can serve several purposes simultaneously.

Let’s look at some ideas: a grilling and dining zone with built-in features, a fire pit lounge with comfortable seating, and a yoga, and meditation space with calming plants and water features or lighting to illuminate and beautify.

The above suggestions if implemented will serve as a place for entertainment and relaxation. If your hobby is gardening, it also provides room for that.

Edible Landscaping and Vegetable Gardens

Now for those who love gardening, landscaping allows you to play with your garden while growing healthy and edible vegetables. You get to do what you love while providing for yourself and your family something to eat.

If you plant it just right, you also get to beautify your surroundings with edible flowers. You don’t have to buy frozen or preserved food, you get to eat fresh from the source. You also attract pollinators to your garden.

Just because your yard is small, does not mean you have to think small too. You can achieve your dream garden simply by applying space-saving vertical gardening options such as trellis, hanging baskets, vertical bottle planters, garden towers, etc.

 Sensory Gardens and Outdoor Art Installations

I don’t know about you, but I would want someone to step on my landscape and can’t help but mutter ‘wow’ because of the detailed designs and art installations vested to make my outdoor exquisite.

If you want to achieve that too then think of features that appeal to your five senses. For instance, sculptures or art installations will be pleasing to look at. Fountains and waterfalls provide a calming sound element.

Flowers and herbs give off a fragrant scent and can be used by some people to treat certain skin wounds. You can also eat some of your herbs and vegetables. These cover the five senses and if you think deeply there are still some things that you can incorporate to please the eyes and nose. Ears, tongue and skin.

Smart Technology Integration

Technology is purposed to make everything easy and convenient for us. For instance, where you would have to switch off the sprinkler from its source, you can just control it with your phone or tablet. The same with other technology in your house.

You can even schedule the sprinkler to function for a set time and then switch it off by itself. This smart irrigation system helps you to manage and conserve water from a comfortable place.

You can control your lighting systems with your phones which can reduce your light bill when used properly. Installing automated features such as retractable awnings or screens can protect such devices from being manhandled or broken.


When you step out your front door, you should take a deep breath of appreciation at the beauty your landscaping exudes. If that is not what you feel when you leave that door, then it’s time to get some work done.

It further helps the economic value of a house for those who would like to sell their homes or for those in the business of selling homes.

You can contact a landscaping company to give you a piece of advice on what to do (consultation) or to do the job themselves.

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