December 7, 2021

5 pranks to play on your siblings this Christmas

Christmas is all about family and friends, making the time spent together during this holiday season all worthwhile.

While it is important to maintain the regular Christmas preparations, respect the elders and carry on with the Christmas traditions that they have been following for decades, you should not let the opportunity to get a little mischievous slip away. After all, these small things are what make memories for a lifetime!

We’re clearly referring to your roommates for life – your siblings with whom you have the complete liberty to play all sorts of pranks. Since it is the merry time of the year, you also get the free pass to be a little mean to them, in an attempt to fuel fun in the celebration of this holiday season.

That said, here are some of many ideas to prank your siblings this season. Let’s look at them!


A Hunger Prank 

A bittersweet relationship is the crux that defines a pair of siblings, where one would go to extremes to irritate another. When paired with hunger, it could be one of the best pranks played on your brother or sister.

In simple words, what you can do is visit any fast food restaurant nearby and order their favourite meal. For instance, if you go to Mcdonald’s, order a 20 piece chicken nuggets meal. Once you return, replace those nuggets with carrots, broccolis, tomatoes and celery.

Now, invite your hungry sibling for a snack in the kitchen, present them with your version of fast food with a sly comment – something that tells them how much of a caring sibling you are, always looking out for their health.

Bugs to Bug Them 

After teasing them with their hunger, now’s the time to freak them out with artificial insects. For a few pounds, you can easily get creepy and unbelievably realistic looking critters and hide them in the places where your siblings would least expect them.

You can place a spider underneath your sister’s pillow or a cockroach on your brother’s mashed potatoes. Make sure you keep quiet when placing those bugs in their ‘scare spots’ and be ready for a full-blown attack after they unveil your prank.

Create A Web in Their Room

Here, you have to perfectly time your act and be aware of your sibling’s schedule… and the moment you find that they are away at a friend’s house or at sports, swiftly sneak into their room with plenty of tape and yarn.

Now, begin weaving a web near the entrance, around the study table and bed in a way that will take them a considerable amount of time to get through. This will frustrate them while you can stand a little away, laughing at them as they duck and weave, and crawl through the yarn maze because that’s the only way to undo your prank.

A Digital Prank 

Since cell phones, laptops and televisions have become an integral part of our everyday lives, you can use this dependency to frustrate your siblings on Christmas. If you know your sibling’s cell phone’s password, go into their contact list and change all of their contacts, name them after some famous personalities like Ariana Grande or Lady Gaga.

You could also go into your family’s Netflix account and change your siblings login information. Once done, change their name with something hilarious like Princess Prankwar so that they recognise they have been pranked and fooled.

Good Old Toothpaste Pranks 

The most common type of pranks are done with toothpaste and there is so much more you can do. Something as easy as putting food colouring in your sibling’s toothpaste can make them look really funny on a Christmas morning, making you the prankster queen for the rest of your holidays.

Parental permission, in this case, is advisable – after all, pranks are only fun if not followed by 1 week of grounding.

To Sum Up… 

Pranks are extremely fun until you cross the thin line where they become traumatising. Whether you’re pulling a prank on your relatives or otherwise, remember to plan it in a way that the gags are only meant to be laughed at.

Something that will physically or mentally hurt someone will ruin your holidays and leave a scar on that person; a situation that shouldn’t arrive at all.

Since they are your siblings, you know their humour tolerance. So make sure you stay within those limits and keep everything light-hearted and fun for a memorable festive season.

Thanks for reading xxx


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