December 17, 2021

7 Truths about Bridal Dress Shopping

Bridal dress shopping should have already started if your wedding is fast approaching. Buying a wedding dresses is tiring enough, so being unprepared will give you an even more exhausting hard time.

Bridal dress shopping is not an inherently easy task. For brides, wedding gowns are both a pleasure and a nightmare. Bridal gowns can be expensive, difficult to choose between, and often make the bride feel very self-conscious about herself.

However, bridal dress shopping isn’t impossible by keeping these recommended tips in mind while wedding dress shopping, brides will have an easier time choosing between wedding dresses. Here are seven truths about bridal dress shopping that every bride-to-be must know before hitting the stores:

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1) Don’t set your budget too low because wedding dresses are expensive.

Some wedding dress costs thousands of dollars, but there are also affordable wedding gowns that cost less than $200. If money is a problem for you, ask someone to lend you some cash or if not, look for wedding dresses with cheaper price tags by scouting at department stores rather than wedding shops which often sell pricey collections. Online bridal boutiques are also good wedding dress options for brides on a budget.


2) You should try wedding dresses to know if it fits you well.

You do not want to go home with a wedding dress that doesn’t fit properly, right? Make sure to try wedding gowns in the fitting room before making any purchase decisions. Do not rely solely on the size chart provided by manufacturers or salespeople’s guesses, which may or may not be accurate and fail to represent how wedding dresses will look on your body type.


After all, no wedding dress can fit absolutely everyone since we’re all unique and different from one another. If possible, bring someone who knows wedding dresses especially sizing- small-busted women usually need petite gowns while tall women take gowns with long hemlines, for example- to make sure you’re getting the right wedding dress that will fit you perfectly on your wedding day.

3) Wedding dresses alterations are often needed.

Even if you buy a wedding dress that fits you like a glove, there’s still a big possibility that it will need alterations, especially if you gain or lose weight in the months leading up to your wedding day. When budgeting for your wedding, make sure to factor in wedding dress alterations costs and set aside enough money to cover this expense.

4) You might have to order your wedding dress from abroad.

If you can’t find the perfect wedding dress within your locality, don’t be afraid to look online or even abroad. Many online wedding boutiques like Ombreprom offer wedding dresses from different parts of the world and often have sale items with discounted prices. Just be sure to factor in shipping cost and time when making your purchase decision.

5) You don’t need to buy a wedding dress right away.

If you’re unsure what you want or still waiting for the ‘perfect wedding dress to come along, don’t feel pressured to buy one immediately. Wedding dress shopping can be done anytime within the year preceding your wedding day, so there’s no need to rush things.

6) You might have to go wedding dress shopping more than once.

Don’t get discouraged if you find the perfect wedding dress on your first visit to bridal shops. You might have to go wedding dress shopping more than once before you can say that you’ve found the wedding dress of your dreams. Don’t settle for wedding dresses that make you feel awesomely beautiful on the wedding day. Remember, if it doesn’t feel right, it isn’t right.

7) It’s okay to walk away empty-handed.

If wedding dress shopping is tiring enough, walking away empty-handed without feeling guilty is perfectly fine, especially when there are still plenty of wedding gown options available online and in bridal stores near your location. Make sure to set a budget, though, so you won’t get carried away looking at wedding dresses.

Brides need to ensure bridal wedding dress shopping does not create a vision of themselves they do not want. Wedding gowns can be beautiful when worn by all shapes and sizes of brides, but only if it fits their body type well. This means looking for bridal wedding dress shopping that is neither tight nor loose. If wedding gowns are too tight, the bride will not be able to breathe and may feel extremely uncomfortable all day. If gowns are too loose, they will billow in the wind and look sloppy on the bride.

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