June 30, 2022

7 Unique Activities to do in Iceland

The experience you get during your travel to this Nordic Island will make you feel like visiting again. The beautiful scenarios make it the perfect destination as the country is ruled by ice and fire.

Here are seven unique activities you need to do while on your vacation in Iceland.


  1. Bathe in the Blue Lagoon Spa

The Blue Lagoon is a famous spa that brings the traditional Icelandic thermal bathing experience to its highest level. Massages at Blue Lagoon spa are unique and an amazing experience thanks to the natural elements of the lagoon, it helps heal your skin rich in silica and sulfur. This place is definitely a must-visit!


  1. Go Horseback Riding

The horses found in Iceland are famous for their short legs, muscular body, and diminutive stature. The unique genetics of the Icelandic horses are maintained thus, it is prohibited to crossbreed them with other horses. You will experience the Icelandic nature by choosing to ride the Icelandic horse, which is much different from other types of horses.


  1. Explore Ice Caves

Due to the glacier meltdown and geothermal activities, ice caves were formed as this Nordic Island is ruled by ice and fire. Ice caves differ yearly because they melt and reform in new places. Some ice caves you need to visit include crystal, Katla, Langjökull, Vatnajökull, and Skaftafell ice caves.


  1. Hike on a Volcano

Once you travel to Iceland, you need to book a guided hike on the volcano. The various mountains in Iceland make hiking a one of a kind experience that is fun for the whole family. There are many volcano hikes to choose from, for all fitness levels!

HIke on a volcano in Iceland


  1. Walk Behind a Waterfall

Here you will find some of the most amazing natural attractions, such as waterfalls. When visiting one, you cannot miss out on the experience of walking behind a waterfall to experience the feeling of walking behind the waterfall. The feeling of seeing the water flowing in front of you is exciting. To clearly see the waterfall fully, you will have to walk into the canyon because it is hidden between huge cliffs, making the experience even more interesting and exciting. A raincoat is highly recommended!


  1. See Unique Wildlife

While in Iceland, you have the opportunity to see unique wildlife, like colorful puffin colonies, seals, arctic foxes, Icelandic horses, and whales are some famous wildlife creatures you will spot during your stay in Iceland.

Puffins In iceland


  1. Try Traditional Icelandic Food

Even though modernity has influenced Icelandic food, you will find the traditional Icelandic cuisine in many local restaurants. Traditional dishes include fish stew, smoked lamb, dried fish, rye bread, Icelandic hot dog, Icelandic lobster, sour ram’s testicles, fermented shark, sheep’s head, and many others.


Have you ever been to Iceland? If so, what was your favorite activity?

Thanks for reading xxx

*Written in collaboration with Hannah Johnson*

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