March 7, 2024

A beginner’s guide to property renovation

Whether you’re a first-time buyer looking to add value or an investor looking to refurbish and sell for profit, property renovation can be a lucrative endeavour. However, it requires careful planning, commitment and a keen understanding of the process from end to end.

In this beginner’s guide, we’ll explore the key stages of the process that help to ensure a successful renovation project.

A beginners guide to property renovation a birds eye view shot of roller paint brush, masking tape and tools to make over a room

The property market and buying

The first thing to understand is the fundamentals of the property market. After all, you’ll have to buy and sell through it to generate a return on investment. House prices tend to rise in line with inflation over the long term, but this isn’t guaranteed. They can also fall, which may leave you in a sticky financial situation.

When scouting for a renovation project to take on, you must find a property that has the potential to grow in value so you can generate a return on investment. The phrase “buy low, sell high” is relevant here, and should be what you’re ultimately aiming for. The factors that usually determine the value of a property include size, number of bedrooms, location, features and finish.

Renovation planning and costs

Once you’ve bought a property, it’s time to start planning the renovations and budgeting. By identifying priority renovation tasks, you can allocate budget and resources to tackling these before more superficial work. The most costly jobs tend to include repairing or replacing central heating systems, fixing structural damage and refitting kitchens and bathrooms.

Keeping a close eye on your costs is significant to ensure you can turn a profit when you come to sell or rent it out. By comprehensively planning project costs, you should be able to stay within a designated budget more effectively, although this isn’t always easy as you get further into a renovation.

You’ll have to consider the costs of materials and labour, any tools and equipment you may need, such as cordless impact wrenches, and ongoing household bills accrued during the project.

Project management

With renovation plans in place, it’s then time to execute them. Whether you’re DIYing much of the project or leaving it to skilled tradespeople, managing the workflows, budgets and timelines is a tricky process to get right.

Successful project management requires careful planning and preparation, excellent problem-solving skills and clear communication with all parties involved. Setbacks are inevitable, but it’s how you respond to these which is likely to determine the success of the project.

Project completion and turning a profit

Once the property has been transformed, the process of turning a profit begins. If you’ve managed to stick to your budget and add sufficient amounts of value, you should be able to sell a house for more than you paid for it or get a profitable monthly income through renting it out.

You may have to keep a close eye on market conditions to determine the best time to list your property to maximise return on investment. Best of luck!

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