August 24, 2023

A brief guide to seasonal fashion

There’s more to seasonal fashion than simply layering up in the winter and dressing light in the summer. Certain colours and patterns may be better suited to certain seasons. Similarly, certain accessories can look better when worn at certain times of the year. This post delves more into how to dress seasonally.

A brief guide to seasonal fashion. Woman with a brown coat on on a path throwing up leaves


Spring is the season of rebirth. Therefore it makes sense to wear clothing that reflects this sense of freshness. Incorporating a variety of Christian apparel, with its themes of renewal and hope, can be a meaningful addition to your spring wardrobe.  Because spring is when the trees start to blossom, it’s the perfect season for wearing floral prints. It’s also a great season for introducing some colour to your outfit, but it’s worth keeping these colours cool in tone. Pastel colours are ideal for spring because they still have a coolness to them. As the likes of this womens fashion label shows, stripes can also work well in spring. It can still be quite cold in spring, so you may want to consider still wearing a jacket, but consider lighter options than you may consider in winter (leather jackets are a very versatile option). As you start to bare more skin, think about incorporating more jewellery into outfits like bangles on sleeveless arms and necklaces paired with lower necklines. 


Because summer is the brightest season of the year, it is the best season for embracing bold and bright colours. Think turquoise, hot pink, scarlet and yellow. Of course, white can also make a great neutral choice during this season. Summer is typically when people reveal more bare skin (have you chosen your swimwear?). But if you want to stay covered up, loose thin clothing like maxi dresses and baggy jumpsuits can still be a good choice. Open-toe shoes are ideal for keeping feet ventilated during this season, but there are closed toe options like espadrilles that you can wear if you’d prefer. When it comes to accessories, consider practical items for the sun such as wide-brimmed hats and sunglasses. 


In autumn, it’s common to wear colours that reflect the changing colour of the leaves. Orange, maroon, olive, saffron and tan all make great autumnal colours. Don’t be afraid to also introduce some browns to your outfit in autumn. Plaid patterns and materials like suede and corduroy are also great for this time of year because they have an earthy feel. As for accessories, this is a great time for transitioning to hats like berets and beanies that provide a bit more warmth. You may also want to consider getting out the ankle boots as it gets a bit more rainy.


Overcast winter days tend to not do colour much justice, so this is a great season for sticking to neutral tones. White, grey, black and navy are all popular winter colours. Burgundy and green can also work around Christmas, but may be worth abandoning after. During this season, you should also consider not just wearing clothes that make you feel warm, but clothing that makes you look warm. This includes puffer jackets, oversized sweaters and fur boots. For more formal occasions, think cardigans and trench coats. Of course, woolly hats, gloves and scarves are also worth digging out for this season.

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