November 30, 2021

Are your Eyeglasses Taking a Toll on your pocket?

We have some Tips to Help you…


The pandemic of Covid-19 has made a lot of people lose jobs and start saving money. Throughout last year most people spent a lot of time working and studying online from home and thus spent their eyes glued to their laptop screens more than ever before. 


With the increase in weak eyesight due to constant glare from our screens and prescription eyeglasses being expensive, one wonders how to save some money and where to get prescription lenses put in frames for less. We have collected a few tips to help you buy eyewear at a reasonable price.

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If you know your eyeglass or contact lens number, then buying online is the way to go. Buying online nowadays is a hassle-free process. Many websites like Overnight Glasses, Glasses USA, Warby Parker, etc., offer discount prices and coupons on eyeglasses. Many websites allow you to virtually try on glasses by uploading your measurements and a photograph of your face.


The entire process of getting the prescription eyewear into your hands can be done from the comfort of your home without having to go to a vision center in person and waste gas/petrol. They can mail the pair you choose to your home promptly after you pick it out.



Consider keeping the same frame you already own. Regardless of whether the prescription on your eyeglasses has changed recently or not, as long as they are in good condition, you are good to go. Keeping the same frame will save you a lot of money since it is usually the frame that is expensive to be replaced. You can always go to a vision center and request to replace your lenses only in the existing frame.



Choosing cheaper eyewear is a great way to save some money. This is the perfect solution for anyone who wears contacts the majority of the time. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on expensive eyewear as most people won’t see you wearing one. 



Most people tend to change their eyeglasses every year.  Following an annual eye exam, people change their glasses as their prescription changes.  In this time and age, being frugal goes a long way. If you already own a pair of good-quality eyeglasses, there is no need to change them every year. 



Wholesale sellers often have an on-site optometrist and vision center available on a daily basis. These stores receive a greater satisfaction rating as compared to any other eyeglass retailer. Wholesale stores offer better services and can help you save money on your desired pair of glasses.



Vision exams and purchasing eyeglasses can be costly. It is wise to make sure that you have vision insurance in place. Most of the insurance companies offer vision plans separately. Occasionally insurances include vision plans in their health plans.


It is best to check with your insurance company about the plan since you may have one without knowing it. Before scheduling an appointment, make sure the vision store or optometrist accepts your vision insurance plan. Going without checking will cause you to be charged a hefty amount.



This is one category where buying glasses in-store trumps buying online. If you buy an eyeglass frame from an optic store, you can get free repairs and adjustments as long as you use them.  In-store eyewear fitting and repair is a perk that is worth taking advantage of. 



Several eye stores offer a price match when requested. Stores want to remain in business during the hard-hit times and might offer you more than a price match. Some optical stores offer rebates along with price match offers, which means buying eyewear from them becomes pocket friendly.



Sometimes chain stores offer discounts for being a member of a club or an organization. Some stores offer their members discounts as high as 30% off a new pair of glasses. Other times stores offer buy one, get another pair 50% off deals if you use your loyalty card.


 Make sure to explore all your options before visiting an optometrist. Call or email different stores and check out the deal they offer so you wouldn’t get a sticker shock. Asking for a discount or a coupon usually saves money as stores compete to get a customer hooked. Doing your homework beforehand will keep your mind at ease and focused. Your pocket will thank you later.

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