March 4, 2019

Baby K’s 2nd birthday

I cannot, CANNOT believe it has been a whole year since I wrote Baby K’s 1st birthday post.  That is madness – where has that year gone?! Seriously, time flashes by in an instance and I know that before too long, all three of the kids will be flying the nest and that is just too scary to think about!

Baby K is 2 today – and what a 2 years it has been!  Since his last birthday, Baby K has learnt to walk, talk (oh don’t we just know it) and doesn’t half pull of a fantastic tantrum!!!  It’s madness how much they develop and progress when they are little, and with K, I think a lot of his development is down to the fact he has an older brother and sister to add to the mix (whom he just adores by the way!)



However, What comes with his amazing development, does come a lot of frustration.  He wants to talk to us, and whilst he does manage to do so, he really wants to talk A LOT more.  And this is where the frustration kicks in, as he just cannot string more that three words together yet.  So often, he’ll be desperate to tell me something, and he just can’t.  And what follows tends to be a stream of tears, some odd throw onto the floor moments and general scenarios of helplessness!


Kids in their organic cotton pyjamas Mr B has Baby k on his back and all are smiling


Having said that, when he does talk, he talks amazingly and is really turning into a little dude with a bright and adventurous (with no fear!) personality.  It’s amazing to watch them grow and learn isn’t it?!  Only last week we took the kids swimming at Center Parcs.  Unfortunately, we had to wake Baby K to go.  He was miserable as sin, clingy, inconsolable and generally just not happy.

After what felt that a good hour of trying to make him feel better and join in, like the change to the wind, he was over his hour long upset and taking himself head first down the slides…yikes!!!  But he has no fear and is so full of exploration and fun – that’s what I love about him (but my anxiety my say otherwise!)



As I said last year, the feeling of your children growing up is really bitter sweet.  I can often feel deep sadness that them baby years are gone. I’ll watch One Born Every Minute and sob that I will not experience them moments again.  And whilst I do not want another baby, I do sometimes long for them baby snuggles and newborn days (although the sleep deprivation I do not miss…although I do STILL feel sleep deprived…when will that end?!?)

I feel that I am a very maternal person so I don’t think that there won’t be a time I’ll stop feeling that way.  It’s just apart of who I am.  And I am forever grateful that I got to experience having three children of our own.  I feel truly blessed, despite times where I just want to pull my hair our, or hid in the loo when their all kicking off!



As Baby K is our last baby, I think that feeling is more prominent that ever, knowing that what comes with every first, is also our every last.  Watching him do and see new things is wonderful, but it also hard to know that this is the last time we get to experience that moment again.  Now that he is 2, I know he’ll be needing to give up his bottle, but for the moment, I think I may just hold on to it for a tad longer than possibly needed.

I really REALLY try to cherish every moment that is thrown our way because of this, and perhaps feel fearful that in a few years I’ll just forget, as it is so easy to do so in our busy lives we all lead.  Hence why I love to write posts like this – so I can look back and jog my memory on all these wonderful and cute moments.


A photo of the 5 of us walking away from the camera in place and white


So what has the last 12 months brought for Baby K apart from growing!  He’s experienced his first flight to Ibiza and experienced his first moments of running off around the pool, he’s loved another trip to Disneyland Paris, developed a love for Disney Cars and ‘Queen’ and he adores his older brother and sister.  He is obsessed with holding hands and I have to say is a true Mama’s boy!  He loves pancakes – in fact that’s the only thing he eats at breakfast time and is partial to a chocolate biscuit!


baby k enjoying his pasta


And sleep wise, it’s been hit and miss. But, more recently he has been sleeping all the way through but does wake up at the crack of dawn – but all things come to an end right?!


I am so proud of the little dude he is, the humour and joy he brings to all of us – he is what I call strong minded and a lad on a mission!

We love you Baby K – Happy 2nd birthday mate.

Thanks for reading xxx


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  1. Matt says:

    Happy bday baby K xxx

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