March 17, 2021

Big and Tall Living Room Furniture

One of the luxuries for homeowners is having ample living room space. But there is one drawback though. Homeowners must try to decorate it with furniture pieces that don’t look awkward. Achieving a visual weight in your living room by choosing and arranging your furniture items properly is every homeowner’s dream. In turn, having an aesthetically pleasing living room can make for comfortable and satisfying lounging.

Whether you’re designing a living room for big and tall people or if you’re blessed with a huge space, choosing the most perfect big and tall furniture pieces is imperative. In this article, we’ll tell you what types of sofa, chairs, love seats, power recliner chairs, or entertainment centres you need to purchase for big and tall people.

Furniture for big and tall people


A big and tall room should have its primary furniture piece which is a sofa. When choosing sofas for a big living room, make sure that the sofa is in proportion to the room’s floor size. That being said, it’s recommended to always measure the size of your room before buying a sofa. Choosing a big sofa boils down to two options: L-shaped sectional and U-shaped sectional.

The L-shaped sectional is a more versatile type of sofa because homeowners have freedom on where to display it. They can either put it against the wall or in the middle of the room without hindering foot traffic. This furniture piece also comes with two sofa pieces that are suitable in one corner.

On the other hand, the U-shaped sectional is a piece of even bulkier furniture, which is fit for big and tall people as it provides huge seating capacity. The seat space is typically shaped into a U. And homeowners must try to put it somewhere in the room where it doesn’t overwhelm the space. It also comes with one colossal piece in the middle and two lounges or chaises on both ends.

Reclining Chairs

When choosing furniture for big and tall people, one go-to option is the big man’s recliners. This is also otherwise known as the big man reclining chairs. Recliners for big men can seat up to to to three people or can seat one tall person. Whether you choose leather or suede, big man recliners are a convenient piece for tall people.


Accent furniture pieces are extremely crucial in your room. That’s because they can act as your room’s focal point that draws the eyes in. And to display a statement piece, choosing an oversized armchair is recommended. Here is an example of a non-leather chair and a half from Ashley in charcoal. The seating capacity is relatively wider than other types of chairs, which makes this a comfortable lounging chair for tall and big people.


Another furniture piece that is essential in your home is a loveseat. Unlike a sofa that can accommodate up to 10 people, the loveseat can only seat two people — a couple, for that matter. And there are different types of loveseat available in the market. You can grab a velvet, suede, cotton, or leather loveseat in different styles. But one piece of furniture that is comfortable is a loveseat that reclines. Choose a new furniture piece with pewter in the middle in case you and your loved one want to do movie marathons.

Entertainment Centre

What’s a home without an entertainment centre? A huge entertainment centre can house your TV, sound system, books, vases, and some even come with additional cabinets, adjustable shelves, and storage. Grabbing a full entertainment wall unit furniture can also balance out the visual aesthetics of the entire space.

Before buying furniture products for your home, ensure that you know the dimensions of the space. You can check more information about Modern Living Room Sets to get new ideas.

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