August 15, 2023

Bob and Brad C2 Massage gun review

I have never owed a massage gun before, and with all of my three children taking part in physical sports each week, as well as family bike rides and some light working out, I thought now was the perfect time to review the Bob and Brad C2 Massage gun and give our muscles some TLC and to alleviate some pain.  It is also a great way to find out if something as small as a massage gun can be worthwhile and a better option than to pay for costly treatment.

It was interesting to see that Bob and Brad is a super popular brand with thousands of positive reviews for their various massage guns and I was excited and keen to review the C2 massage gun for our blog.

Bob and Brad C2 massage gun review outer box

Who are Bob and Brad?

The Bob and Brad brand was developed by Physiotherapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck.  With over 60 years of physical therapy between them, the two therapists began a YouTube channel to cover content relating to physical therapy and heath advice.  With their videos becoming an instant hit with millions of views, their brand was extended with the introduction  of creating fitness equipment, including massage guns.

What is Bob and Brad C2 Massage gun

The Bob and Brad C2 massage gun is a lightweight handheld massage gun offering 5 different speed levels.  It also offers 5 removable attachments offering support to various different body parts.  The massage gun is aimed to relive muscles aches and pains and delivers a deep tissue body kneading massage through it’s varying massage heads.  But what exactly is a massage gun?

Bob and Brad C2 massage gun box

A massage gun in essence, is a hand held device that can offer deep tissue massage therapy and in particular, the C2 is specific in improving patient and athletic recovery.  The C2 massage gun offers users to experience exceptional performance with a brushless motor, uninterrupted super blocking torque energy output, and a dual shaft drive structure for stable operation. The maximum speed of 3200rpm helps muscles recover faster, reduces pain, fatigue, and lactic acid build-up. It stimulates blood flow, improves range of motion and flexibility, and addresses muscle stiffness.

Carry case for the Bob and Brad C2 massage gun

Like most massage guns, the Bob and Brad C2 looks similar with a ergonomic silicone handle which ensures a comfortable grip, allowing you to carry the muscle massage gun with you and use it whenever needed,  as well as a massage head and in this case, various massage heads which can be swapped out depending on where on your body you require a massage and targets different muscle groups.  How the massage works is by a motor inside which vibrates and transmits to the massage gun head.  When placing the gun on your body, this will then transfer and vibrate against your body parts allowing for your muscles to be relived.

One of the most impressive features about the C2 is that is comes in its own carry case and is super lightweight, weighing at just 1.5lbs/0.68KG, making it easy to carry anywhere and fit into any gym bag, making it super convenient.  It is also equipped with a 2500mAh original battery for extended life and enhanced safety.

Inside the Bob and Brad C2 massage gun case

The 5 different massage heads on a Bob and Brad C2 massage gun are:

1. Cushion (suitable for sensitive muscles)

2. Flat (suitable for all parts of the body)

3. Bullet (suitable for joints, deep tissue and trigger points)

4. Foam ball (suitable for large muscle groups)

5. Fork (suitable for neck, spine and Achilles tendon)

Bob and Brad C2 massage gun with different heads 5 in total

Review of the Bob and Brad C2 Massage gun

We all found the C2 massage gun really easy to use.  We especially loved the carry case and thought this was a brilliant and convenient addition to the massage gun, especially if you wish to take it with you on your travels.  It’s lightweight and easy to use with easy removal of the massage heads.  We also loved that the massage gun is wireless with a USB-C charging cable included that can fit most plugs including iPhones.  Once fully charged, it can run for up to 3.5 hours which is fantastic!  We particularly liked the smaller flat head which works wonders on your feet and would be perfect after walking round a Disney park all day!

Using the bob and brad c2 massage gun

It is also super easy to use on either yourself or someone else.

I really rate this massage gun and felt that it was excellent value for money for its robust and what feels to be a decent size gun.  It is also really powerful and we were really surprised to see how intense the highest level will go!  I would recommend you work your way up to the highest intensity as your muscles may not be able to manage the top one to begin with.

I really love to use it on my knotted back after being hunched over all day working on my laptop, but equally it is great to use on my son’s calves after some high intense football training – it’s so versatile!

Overall, we are really pleased with the Bob and Brad C2 massage gun and we highly recommend!

Bob and Brad C2 massage gun

Where to buy and discount code

You can check out all of Bob and Brad’s items over on Amazon.  The C2 massage gun retails at £62.69 (as of 2023.) Grab yourself 10% off with BobBrad401 discount code especially for our readers.

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