October 20, 2020

Budgeting Tips: How much should you spend on Your Wedding?

Most couples look forward to their wedding days more than any other day of their lives. Many plan extravagant celebrations to reflect how important the day is, with the average wedding costing almost $34,000. In major cities, the cost of a full-scale wedding can be more like $77,000.

Given that many people are behind on their savings, that can be a huge financial hit. Proper budgeting can help to reduce expenses without requiring couples to embrace extreme options like an elopement. Read on to find some budgeting tips that can help couples have weddings of their dreams for less.

Two wedding rings on some flowers

Tip #1: Find the Right Caterer

The cost of catering services varies significantly depending on what type of food couples want to serve, how many guests they anticipate feeding, and what company they choose to provide meal service. Hiring a company like Select Catering Services that offers a wide range of affordable options will allow couples to stick to their budgets without sacrificing quality or quantity.

Tip #2: Keep the Guest List Short

It may be tempting to plan a giant, extravagant wedding with hundreds of guests, but that’s the best way to wind up in massive amounts of debt. Try to keep the guest list short and plan a more intimate ceremony. No couple is obligated to invite everyone they know to the wedding.

Tip #3: Keep Flower Arrangements to a Minimum

Professional flower arrangements cost a fortune, and there’s just no need to spend a ton of money on flowers that will only die a few days after the reception. Keep arrangements simple and elegant, or cut corners even more by convincing a friend with a vibrant garden to make most of the arrangements him- or herself. Most couples pay a professional to make the bridal bouquet, but there’s no need for professional flower arrangements on every table.

Tip #4: Focus on Guest Experience

Most wedding guests don’t care about things like extravagant decorations and elegant, professional wedding invitations. What will stand out in their minds is the experience. Focus on finding affordable ways to show guests a good time instead of fixating on every little detail of the presentation.

Tip #5: Pick an Off-Peak Wedding Date

Most couples prefer to get married on weekends during the warmer seasons. Choosing a mid-week wedding date or even planning a winter wedding can cut back on costs substantially. Everyone from wedding planners to venue owners charges less during the off-season.

Tip #6: DIY as Much as Possible

While it would be infeasible to cook for an entire wedding party, let alone all the guests, there are plenty of projects that couples and their friends can accomplish without professional help. Wedding invitations definitely fall into this category, as do decorations. Most close friends and family members will be happy to spend a few hours here and there both brainstorming and helping with the execution, so don’t be afraid to ask.

Final Word: Stick to the Budget

The tips above can help couples cut costs without adversely affecting the celebration, but there’s no replacement for a reasonable budget. Figure out how much money there is for the wedding in advance, then don’t spend a penny more. Cutting corners on things like centrepieces, bridesmaids dresses, or even the wedding ring is better for newlyweds than driving themselves into debt that will haunt their marriage for years.

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