Arty Splats Toddler class – Having fun making mess

When we think of our babies and toddlers, what do we think of?  We think of mess!!  The two go hand in hand I say but not always in the most positive sense!  Well now they can as Arty Splats…


Hartbeeps – a Baby Class Like No Other

For those that haven’t heard of Hartbeeps, they offer baby and toddler classes that specialise in being a little bit different to those standard music classes you come across.  Hartbeeps really does push the boundaries and is a class full…


My experience of a Tots Play Baby Class

I absolutely love Baby classes – no I really do! I’ve been going to so many over the past (nearly!) 8 years that I feel I’ve exhausted them all! However, there always seems to be new classes appearing here and…