How to spruce up your kitchen

We can often want or need to make changes to certain rooms in the house.  But we all know having total transformations or make overs comes at a cost!  More recently, I’ve made some small changes around our home and…


Shrek’s Adventure, London – My Review

One of the children’s favourite films at the moment is Shrek.  And we all know, what the kids love soon becomes what you love.  They love the humour, Princess Fiona and especially Donkey – me too!  So when we were…


Bedtime Stories with Bensons for Beds

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Last weekend we were invited along to the Bensons For Bed’s newly opened Wednesbury store.  To promote their opening, they were holding a Bedtime Stories session in the children’s area of the store. Bensons for…


Championing Childhood – our afternoon at Playfest BRUM

“Play builds the kind of free-and-easy, try-it-out, do-it-yourself character that our future needs” – James L. Hyme, Jr. The Easter holidays has arrived so quickly this year I never had much time to plan ahead this year, aside from our…


Cake Smash celebrations for Baby K

Baby K turned one this month!! I still can’t believe he is one and how fast the past year has gone.  But as its such a special birthday, we had such great celebrations.  One of the celebrations we chose to…


Going Out Out Mama Style

Being a Mama means nights out are a rarity.  This means, us Mama’s get SUPER EXCITED (or we don’t want to go as we are so used to snuggling in our PJ’s with a glass of wine and a takeaway…


Baby Boys Nursery/Room Tour featuring a Cloud Wall Sticker

When I was pregnant with Baby K, I used to search Youtube and Blogs for Nursery/Room tours to get inspiration for our new arrival.  We did not know we were expecting a boy, but still, I knew I wanted a…


Coding Girls Challenge with Primo Toys #Codinggirls

As it was Women’s International Day yesterday, it only seemed fitting to take on the challenge set by Primo Toys ,the educational Toy company (who create the fantastic Cubetto playsets) and I knew that my three year W – three…


Baby K’s 1st birthday – My Last Baby

Well Baby K is now 1 years old!  I cannot believe how this past 12 months has flown by, right before my eyes despite having a busy year of being at home watching him grow into the little man he…