February 16, 2022

Comfy and Stylish Ariat Boots to Keep Young Cowboys and Cowgirls Ready for Action

Teaching your child how to ride a horse is an amazing step in a lifelong journey to higher self-esteem and hard work passion. And if you want to make sure they enjoy the experience fully, consider investing in a safe and comfortable riding outfit, including a riding hat, body protector, pair of jodhpurs, gloves and of course, proper horse riding footwear.

A pair of good riding boots are a vital part of any equestrian equipment. Their main purpose is to help the rider perform at their peak levels while remaining safe in the saddle. Whether your kid is riding English or Western, you want to make sure they are wearing high quality and comfortable boots. That said, you may want to check out the range of Ariat child boots where you can find some of the finest cowboy and cowgirl footwear out there. 

Why Choose Ariat Boots?

Back in 1993, the brand set out to revolutionise boots for riders and assembled a group of top footwear designers and engineers to create the most technically-innovative boots for horse riding and ranch use. Almost 30 years later, Ariat still remains the world leader in making high-quality footwear and apparel for top equestrian athletes.

Riders, like all other athletes, put their bodies to the test every day, therefore, they need high-performance gear that keeps up. And when it comes to Ariat, one of the main things that distinguish the brand from other brands in the game is their commitment to innovation, especially when it comes to craftsmanship, comfort and durability of products. 

Quality craftsmanship is one of their core values and all the boots they make go through a construction process consisting of 150 steps. Also, they do a lot of field testing to ensure every product they release will hold up when in use by top riders and riding enthusiasts. Made from a variety of materials, one of which is full-leather grain, which speaks for the quality and durability of the boots, they are sure to last for a very long time.

The Most Comfortable Ariat Kids Boots 

Ariat Kids Fatbaby Heritage

This is one of the brand’s most famous boots, loved by all riders, whether English or Western. It’s a round toe boot, ideal for children with wide feet. You can choose from a variety of colours and patterns and select what your little one likes the most without sacrificing comfort.

Ariat Kids Wild Flower

A classic pair of riding boots with floral embroidery adored by many cowgirls. Designed to mould perfectly to children’s feet, these boots feature an Easy Fit system that makes getting them on and off very simple and easy. Also, they are known for their durable sole which ensures maximum wear.

Designed with maximum stability in mind, this Ariat kids boot is a great choice for both beginners and more experienced young riders. Additionally, it features superior cushioning and a durable outsole, so your kid can wear them comfortably and for longer. 

Ariat Kids Youth Storm

Featuring a classic look, but with colourful embroidery, these are some of the most unique boots in the Ariat kids range. They are durable and comfortable and feature a lightweight stabilising shank for support, which makes them a good choice for riders of any level.

Ariat Kids Youth Sorting Pen

Made from the finest material as every other pair of Ariat boots and built to last, this is one of the brand’s most fun and stylish boot with a wide square toe that children simply adore. It features a cushioned footbed for ultimate comfort and a rugged outsole for long use through various activities.

Roper Blaze Boots for Kids

Originally, roper boots were made for roping cattle. They have a lower heel and shorter shaft than any other cowboy boots, which makes them more comfortable to wear when walking or running. In the Ariat’s range of roper rider boots, you can find beautiful pre-walker cowboy boots. 

Ariat Children Dash Boots

This type of boot is a great choice if you want to introduce western boots to the future rodeo star for the first time. Designed with flexibility and durability in mind, they offer maximum comfort and can withstand wear and tear like no other pair of their boots.

Tips on Choosing the Right Pair of Riding Boots for Your Kid


Even though the brand is known for making comfortable riding boots, it’s still important to follow the size chart carefully and choose the right style and size for your kids’ feet to ensure ultimate comfort. Ariat kids boots are available in different sizes, heights and widths, so you will be able to accommodate the size that your child wears. However, if your child has a wider foot, then you may want to go half or one size up. 

When it comes to convenience and comfort, the brand offers children’s riding boots with zipper closure for easy on and off fit as well as boots with removable Ariat Wiggle Room insole or removable Booster Bed, which allow for maximum flexibility. They can accommodate growing feet for longer wear meaning there is no need to buy a brand-new pair every year, so you can save some time and money.


Whether it’s for everyday wear or competition use, you can find a wide range of Ariat boots for kids that are versatile and can be worn for lessons, riding, hacking or around the stables. They are durable and designed to withstand various harsh weather conditions. For muddy regions, make waterproof pair of boots your priority, while for riding in the heat focus on the breathability of the boot to make sure your kid will feel cosy and comfortable all day long.


Think about the colours and designs that your kid likes the most. If they don’t like to have colours in their boots, you may consider Ariat kids boot that is one tone. On the other hand, if they prefer more colourful designs, prepare yourself for spending more time browsing their range as the brand offers a great selection of children’s boots with a pop of colour and textile shafts that feature a bull rider, cactuses and many other cool images that children find cool and interesting. 

Also, don’t forget to ask your kid’s opinion before making a purchase. Every little champ deserves to have a word in the riding boots he or she will be wearing.


A Few More Words on Ariat Boots

Cowboy and cowgirl boots have been a notorious staple in western fashion for a very long time. Men’s or women’s fashion, this style of footwear is sure to catch eyes and make a statement and when it comes to Ariat boots, one thing that makes them so popular is their versatility as they can cater as everyday footwear as well or can be used for comfortably completing outdoor work tasks. That being said, while looking for Ariat child boots for your little one, take a look at their men’s and women’s range and choose a pair for yourself. If you ride, you may consider choosing the same boot style for your kid, so the two of you can look stylish and enjoy comfort.

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