January 14, 2020

DietBon diet meals delivered: a great discovery!

It’s nearly 2020!  And for some, (including myself!) a new year can bring a new you in terms of managing weight.  For me, it’s all about healthy eating and after already indulging in the lead up to Christmas, I want to ensure I approach the new year with a positive outlook when it comes to eating more healthy.

Dietbon approached me to test out their diet ready meals, sharing my review of these diet meals delivered to your door – and what a better time to learn more about a food delivery service that brings healthy eating right to your doorstep, for the new year!  So whether you simply want to maintain your weight, or kick bad habits that have developed in the month of December, read on to find out more about Dietbon and how to get these diet meals delivered to you asap!

My Dietbon guide to success book

What is Dietbon?

So, what is Dietbon and how does it work?  To put it simply, it’s a weight control meal service which delivers 100% natural, calorie controlled meals right to your door.  Depending on what plan you choose, you’ll receive a selection of low-calorie meals which you can choose according to your taste and preference. Dietbon’s message is to have a 6 day calorie controlled diet per week with your 7th day being your ‘free’ day.  Therefore, their delivery service offers 6 days worth of meals including breakfast, snack,  lunch and dinner per week.  On your ‘free day’ or ‘seventh day’ you are expected to cook meals as you wish, and have the freedom of dining out, or having a less calorie restricted day.

goats cheese pasta from dietbon low calorie meal plan

The calorie and menu composition of your chosen program is designed just for you, so it’s bespoke and personalised to what you wish to do by your very own dietician, whether that be to loose weight or simply maintain it.

You can also attend weekly online group meetings lead by your dietician.

What are the Dietbon ready meals like?

I was really excited to try some of the meals immediately and the week ahead I was solo parenting on the evenings which gave me the perfect opportunity to try these without cooking for Matt too.  Some of the meals that stood out for me were chicken tikka with rice and quinoa, ravioli with goats cheese pesto in a tomato and tofu sauce and carrot and coconut soup.

Dietbon carrot and coconut soup diet meal plan

I ate all my meals over the course of the week and honestly, I was happily impressed.  The meals were flavoursome and tasted fresh and were really enjoyable.  I really enjoyed the soups, and the sautéed pork with bacon and diced vegetables was really scrummy!

I also really enjoyed the chicken tikka masala and it was great to try it with quinoa which I have never tried with a curry before.  The meals obviously were on the smaller size, however I did not add any extra veg with this so this is something you could do if you wish.  However, they were a perfect size for lunch (I just have quite big portions at dinner times!)

chicken and mash dietbon meal plan

I also received some lovely pancakes for breakfast which were also lovely and very similar to scotch pancakes you can buy in the shops.   And I definitely can’t complaint about the lemon cakes.  They were super moist and were perfect with a cup of tea at 4pm after a cold and blustery school run.

My verdict of Dietbon

I mean, of course having 6 days worth of ready meals in my fridge was a delight – no cooking and tasty food readily available was a bonus.  It was also great to know that when I was reaching for a snack, the snack was low calorie and not an unhealthy biscuit or slice of cake I can so easily reach for.

The website is really easy to navigate and I love how you can peruse the menu online and pick out what meals you’d like to try, or meals that you’ve previously tried and tested.

pork meal from Dietbon meal plan

Honestly, I did find it hard to wholly sick to the diet plan as that’s just me.  I also work thought my lunch breaks when I am working so I also grabbed sandwiches on these days so I cannot fully say I followed the dietplan completely.  However, having said that, it was really enjoyable trying new flavours and foods and it was so easy to not have to cook a meal just for myself.  As a result, I do think this diet meal plan is suitable for someone that perhaps works from home or is a stay at home mum.  If you are the type of person that is on the go all day or travelling, this meal plan may pose some difficulty.

I was also really impressed with the telephone consultation from a trained and qualified dietician.   The consultant was super friendly, and offered an intense and detailed guide to improving exercise and eating regimes for a happier and healthier lifestyle.  It was lovely to chat to someone who knew exactly what it was like to be so tempted by chocolate too!!

I would like to see more breakfast options on the menu.  I only had pancakes on offer, so this was quite limiting.  I can also say the same for the snack selection, however I would have liked to have tried the shortbread with linseed and poppy seeds – they look delicious!

My Dietbon guide to success book

I would also like to see more vegetables in the meals so I would therefore recommend adding more veg to your plan, not only to bulk out your meals but also to add extra vitamins and increase your 5 per day.  However, if you do take some time to read through the program, it does explain that certain vegetables are unlimited!

The Dietbon meal plan starts at £44 so if this is something you can afford for the new year, give it a go and see what you think!  The aim of Dietbon if you follow the plan correctly is to loose 2lbs per week, so a gradual and healthy timeframe to loose weight.  To confirm, I lost 1 lbs during the week of trying Dietbon.

Importance of Healthy Eating

In conclusion, if you stick to the Dietbon meal plan, you’ll loose weight.  But consider how easy this plan will slot into your life.  Why not give it a go for a week?  After Christmas, it could be just the thing to kick start your new year.  It is always important to remember how necessary it is to take care of your diet and nutritional intake, and do what works for you.  People who diet inconsistency, incorrectly or extremely, that this can have a detrimental to your vitamin and mineral intake.  To keep a check on this, nutritional testing is a proving way to find out if you have a deficiency, and what you need to do to stay as healthy as possible.

For the very first order of a diet plan, you benefit from a 15% discount with the WELCOME code as well as a free 28-day Morning & Night detox tea cure. To do this, it is necessary to use this link to make use of this fabulous promotion!

Thanks for reading xxx

*I was send out 6 days worth of Dietbon meals and was compensated for my time, for the purpose of this review*


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    Look really tasty them meals do!

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