November 25, 2020

Dinosaur themed bedroom makeover!

Now my youngest is 3 and a half years old, I felt we needed to move forward from his cloud themed nursery, and turn his bedroom into a dinosaur themed room!  He absolutely loves dinosaurs, and I have been planning to turn his bedroom into a more toddler themed room for quite some time.  Over the last month or two, I have been collecting dinosaur themed items and wall stickers to complete his room.  It’s not quite finished yet, but it is nearly there, and I felt it was good idea to share with you our journey so far!

Personalised Jurassic World wall sticker dinosaur themed

Dinosaur themed bedroom

A child’s bedroom isn’t complete without a featured wall sticker in my opinion.  JR Decal offer a wide range of children’s wall stickers in all designs, including dinosaur wall stickers (which I was pleased to see!)  Wall stickers are a great way of decorating a bedroom without having to paint!  It’s also a great idea if you wish to swap and change the bedroom design frequently, or simply do not want to spend a lot of money designing a bedroom that may possibly change in a short time.   JR Decal have a fair amount of dinosaur wall stickers available, including personalised wall stickers.  I decided to chose the Jurassic World wall sticker in green (there a various colours to choose from!)

JR Decal instructions and dinosaur themed wall sticker

I decided to stick it on a clear wall where I already had some dark grey cloud wall stickers (I am still undecided as to whether I will be keeping these up for not!)  JR Decals sent out our wall sticker in a secure tube, with the instructions on how to transfer onto our walls.  It’s important to note that if you have freshly painted a room recently, you need to wait at least 3 weeks until you can add a wall sticker.  I also wouldn’t recommend you adding them on top of wall paper, but be free and creative as you like on walls windows and furniture!

Transferring dinosaur themed wall sticker into wall from JR Decal

So, how easy was the wall sticker to put up?  Having used wall stickers quite a lot over the years, I have become fairly customised to how to transfer them onto a wall.   The instructions do suggest using tape to position your wall sticker up on the wall and peeling back the transfer and using tape across the middle section, to anchor it.  I found this a little fiddly to be honest and decided to remove the backing paper whilst the wall sticker was on the floor, then attached it to the wall, smoothing out any lumps and bumps with a credit card.  I then peeled off the transfer and it attached perfectly.

Using a credit card to transfer the wall sticker onto the wall in his dinosaur themed bedroom

I absolutely love it and I love the personalisation of the dinosaur wall sticker too.  Baby K is a huge fan of Jurassic Park and Jurassic World, so he thinks this is a fantastic addition to his bedroom!  It’s worth checking out JR Decal as they have wall stickers to suit most designs and rooms for around the house!

Close up of Jurassic Park personalised dinosaur wall sticker

Personalised Jurassic World wall sticker dinosaur themed

Dinosaur themed bedroom interior

What else have I picked up to turn his nursery into a dinosaur themed bedroom?  This dinosaur light up bunting is just brilliant and was perfect to replace the White Company cloud bunting we had up.  It was around £8 and from B&M Bargains.  It also acts as a great night light!

Dinosaur light up bunting

I also added some toy dinosaurs onto the narrow shelf and the hanging dinosaur wooden plaque, which was from Morrisons.   I decided to keep the floating cloud shelves too, adding more toy dinosaurs to them.

Toy dinosaurs on shelves in a dinosaur themed bedroom ideas!

On the window sill, I replaced the cloud night light and photo frames and added a dinosaur figure (which is actually a pencil holder) which was £3 from Next in the sale.  The dinosaur night light – which is bright green when lit, also sits here and was also from Morrisons around £10.

Green dinosaur night light Morrisons

He also has a dinosaur bed cover from Ikea and of course, this fantastic dinosaur framed print from Posterlounge which I just love!

Dinosaur ABC gallery print for boys bedroom posterlounge

The dinosaur themed bedroom isn’t quite finished yet – I still have some cushions to add to his bed, and my plan is to handprint a volcano onto one of the walls – if time will let me!  Once complete, I will update this post!

Thanks for reading xxx

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  1. Very nice personalised themed wall sticker! – Nice outcome from your photos!
    Wall stickers are easy to apply if you follow the right instructions!
    Well done!

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