April 12, 2019

Discount savings in Coventry with StoreRadius

Living a few miles from Coventry city centre, it’s great to make use of the array of shops they have available there, especially Primark and Ikea.  That’s why it’s important to me to stay up to date with the lastest deals and offers from local Coventry businesses.  I became aware of StoreRadius a few weeks ago, and is the next go-to app for me when it comes to receiving the latest discounts and promotions to make use of!  Us mamas need discounts!!!

As a family of five, it can get super expensive shopping for clothes, going out for lunch or days out.  It can almost feel impossible at times!  But, with the help from StoreRadius, we can easily achieve this without breaking the bank.  I mean, who doesn’t love a discount!


Making savings in Coventry with the StoreRadius app

Making savings with the StoreRadius app

StoreRadius is an app that you can download onto your mobile phone.  From here, you can access the latest deals and discounts from large and independent stores.  Simply follow the registration instructions where you can select your favourite categories to receive discounts and offers.  Categories include beauty, entertainment, fashion and travel.  Or simply select all if they’re all your catch!  It does ask you for your occupation, which I am not sure why.  I of course, selected a Spy 😉

You can also search for offers via the StoreRadius app, as well as receive notifications from Coventry businesses to inform you of their latest deals – it’s win win!  What makes this app super helpful is that once you have located an offer you want to take advantage off, the app will then locate where this discount can be found on a map.  (Do not forget to activate your locations settings!) I found this super helpful especially when out and about and you need a quick last minute deal to take advantage off!  The app is constantly updated, and if you wish to activate push notifications, you’ll then receive the latest and most up to date offers and discounts exclusively!  Some examples of connected Coventry businesses are Escape Live, Coventry Bid and good old Macdonald’s!


Use your smartphone to gain access to the StoreRadius App

Use your smartphone to gain access to the StoreRadius App

Even without app discount locater, you’ll be able to recognise which stores are offering exclusive offers by their display badge in their store front window.

StoreRadius is FREE to download from the Apple Store or Google Play.  If your local to the area, this is definitely an app you must add to your devices to enable you to take full advantage of what Coventry has to offer – you’ll be missing out if not!!!  So lower the cost of shopping and have fun!!!

*This is a sponsored post and in collaborations with Coventry bloggers and StoreRadius*

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