February 4, 2019

Disneyland Paris Trip Report 2018 Day 5 and 6


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Day 5

Today we woke to glorious sunshine and a surprisingly warm breeze in the air.  I wore my new Mickey mouse hoody today which is super comfy and soft and there was no need for a jacket.  We missed EMH but that was ok because we all needed the lie in to be honest and we didn’t want to rush breakfast, which we ate in La Cantina in our hotel Sante Fe.   We were lucky to catch Goofy in the hotel lobby which was fun before we headed into Disneyland Park.

Us 5 meeting Goofy at Sante Fe Hotel - Disneyland Paris Trip report

Meeting Goofy at Sante Fe Hotel


First stop was meeting Hook in Adventure Land.  Wait time was around 15 minutes which we didn’t mind in the sunshine.  Every time we’ve met Hook, it’s been a great interaction and even better if you ‘tick tock at him!’

We then talk a walk to Fantasy land to the area where Casey Jr. le Petit Train du Cirque and Le Pays des Contes de Fees.  Now, I was aware that this area could be a location for unscheduled meet and greets.  But what greeted us was a huge surprise!!!  We turned the corner, only to be greeted with 5 characters, meeting guests and having lots of fun!  We raced over all excited and waited our turn for the kids to meet the many characters.  After 15 minutes or so, they would then wander off and a new set of characters would appear!!  It was very exciting as there was only a handful of guests there, so we were all guaranteed to meet and greet!
We got to meet:

Yellow Rabbit

Winnie The Pooh



meeting Rabbit from Winnie The Pooh In Disneyland Paris Trip Report

Meeting Rabbit from Winnie the Pooh

meeting Winnie the Pooh at Disneyland Paris Trip Report

Meeting Winnie The Pooh at Disneyland Paris


AND….Cinderella and Prince Charming!!!  I couldn’t believe it!  We waited around 10 minutes to see them together and it was brilliant – no need to visit Princess Pavillion and was lovely to meet them together  -a rarity at Disneyland Paris!  I couldn’t believe we got to meet characters in the space of about 45 minutes and as they were unscheducled it was even more exciting!


The most Magical moment meeting Cinderella and Prince Charming

The most Magical moment meeting Cinderella and Prince Charming


We decided to catch the Steam Train and take a trip around the whole park ending in Adventure Land for our fast pass for Thunder Mountain.  Missy and Mr B just loved this ride.


On the Steam Train around Disneyland Paris

On the Steam Train

Mr B enjoying his Waffle at Disneyland Paris

Mr B enjoying his Waffle


We then grabbed a hot drink and waffles before embarking on our boat trip across the lake on The Molly Brown.  A little bird told me that if you ask the Boat driver, you get to drive the boat!!  So I did exactly that, expecting the cast member to give me a funny look.  Instead, she invited us all up into the Captains look out, and the kids got to ride the boat and we relaxed, checking out the views.  The kids thought it was fantastic and the Cast Member was so lovely, offering us complimentary fast passes for our favourite ride (of course it was Thunder Mountain) and a voucher for us to each chose a keyring from any shop across the resort!!


The three kids driving The Molly Brown at Disneyland Paris

Driving The Molly Brown at Disneyland Paris

Mr B taking us fro a ride on the Molly Brown at Disneyland Paris

Mr B taking us for a ride!

So next time you visit, ask – you may just get to drive the Molly Brown!

It was nearing 5pm by now so we walked over to watch the Parade.  It really was a beautiful evening with the sun setting and I managed to capture some awesome photos of the floats as they passed in front of the castle!  It had started to turn cold now as the sun had started to set, and I felt all emotional watching the parades float by.  We didn’t have the best view as we were a little late and we were not in the best position (I recommend watching it near where the parade begins near It’s a small World) but it was still lovely!


Miss W on her Dads shoulders waiting for the Parade

Miss W excited for the Parade at Disneyland Paris

The parade in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle

The Parade in front of Sleeping Beauty’s castle


We had dinner reservations at Agrabah Cafe, which is one of our favourite buffets in the whole of Disneyland Paris!  It is Moroccan and has just the best flavours, and delicious wine too!  The theming is just fantastic and the food is varied, however if you prefer burgers and chips, this isn’t for you.  Luckily, the kids enjoy a variety of food, and they loved the olives and pitta breads!


Entrance to Agrabah Cafe at Disneyland Paris

Entrance to Agrabah Cafe at Disneyland Paris

Buffet selection at Agrabah cafe

Buffet selection at Agrabah Cafe


Before the fireworks, we managed to fit in a couple more rides on Peter Pan’s flight and Its a Small World.  We managed to get an ok spot for the fireworks just at the entrance to Discoveryland.  We had a couple of children push in front of us which was a shame as it seems some people can be inconsiderate of others.  Thankfully we still could see quite well.  We were back for 10pm and retired to bed soon after!

Day 6

This morning we headed into Walt Sudio’s and Miss W rode her first ever ride of Tower of Terror.  She was super keen and excited.  However, when it dropped, she wasn’t happy and cried!!!  Even though we explained to her what happened, she was still so excited to ride it – but I don’t think she was prepared!

We didn’t spend too long in here but we did do Stitch Live which is hilarious and Matt did Rock N Rollercoster.  Before lunchtime, we headed back over to Disneyland Park and took some photos in front of the castle.  We also watched the Halloween show at the front of the castle stage which is shown at various intervals during the day.  Surprisingly, the characters in the show then did some meet and greets!  Miss W raced over to Gaston and we met him.


Meeting Gaston

Meeting Gaston


The weather was great again today, so we managed to eat at Casey Joe’s outside and watched the Halloween Cavalcade which was lovely before taking on some rides and meeting some characters.

At 2pm, if you head over to Frontier Land and Woody’s Cookout Restaurant, new characters come out for their meet and greets.  We only had to wait a short time to meet Jose Carioca in the lovely sunshine.


Meeting Jose Carioca at Disneyland Paris in Frontier Land

Meeting Jose Carioca at Disneyland Paris in Frontier Land


We really wanted time to chill out this afternoon, so what better place to visit than The Disneyland Hotel.  This hotel is just beautiful with a New England theme to it, all elegant, floral and it smells amazing!  We took a wander around the hotel and ended up at Cafe Fantasia where we relaxed on the sofas and ordering a few drinks!  With the drinks, the staff bring over little bowls of complimentary snacks too which is a lovely touch.  The kids made friends with some children from another table so they had fun playing and it was just lovely to watch the world go by and enjoy a little drinkie!


Enjoying a glass of Champagne at Cafe Fantasia at Disneyland Hotel

Enjoying a glass of Champagne at Cafe Fantasia at Disneyland Hotel


At 5pm, we had dinner reservations at Plaza Gardens.  Plaza Gardens is a buffet restaurant that literally offers a huge selection of food!  Salads, cold meats, soup, roast meats, pizza, pasta, breads – the list goes on!  This was perfect for us as we were all very hungry by now and just wanted to fill our bellies!  The kids also love the buffets, especially Mr B who loves to help himself!


Plaza Gardens buffet at Disneyland Paris showing the cold selection of salads in bowls

Plaza Gardens buffet at Disneyland Paris

Desserts at Plaza Gardens - pecan pie and mini chocolate brownies

Desserts at Plaza Gardens

Cold Meats at Plaza Gardens at Disneyland Paris

Cold meats at Plaza Gardens


We love the mini desserts here too, especially the chocolate brownies which are soft and gooey inside – heaven!

We then rolled back to our hotel to pack (sob!) and prepare for our last day tomorrow!!!!

Thanks for reading and stick around for our final day  – Day 7 xxx





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