February 11, 2019

Disneyland Paris Trip Report 2018 Last Day

Day 7 – Our last Day and Travel Day

If you haven’t already please check out my full trip report starting with Day 1 and 2!

Woke up feeling super sad that it was our last day and we have to go home!!!  But, we had all packed the night before whilst the kids slept, so we felt organised and had the car packed up and headed into the parks for EMH.  I aways treat the last day of ticking off any bits we haven’t done, and redoing the things we loved the most.

We grabbed our last breakfast in the hotel and headed straight for Disneyland Park.  I really wanted to take it all in, as I absolutely love this place and feel that it has a special place in my heart.  It really is so magical…I absorbed it all as we walked down Main Street towards the castle.  Yet again, we were blessed with dry and sunny weather and there is nothing more beautiful that the castle against the blue sky.

Mr B wanted to go on Orbitron – he’s favourite ride so we rode that, Buzz Lightyear and Matt did his last HyperSpace Mountain.  We then wondered towards Fantasy Land and we finally found Cinderella’s carriage (it’s to the right of Auberge De Cendrillon)

Miss W outside Cinderella's carriage

Miss W outside Cinderella’s carriage

We rode several rides and ended up in the queue to meet Minnie and Mickey in their Halloween outfits.  The meet and greet is literally in front of Pocohontas Village (which is normally NEVER open!)  But alas – it was!  So all three kids had a play whilst Matt waited in the queue for us.  It’s a lovely little playground and nice to do something a little bit different whilst in the parks.  The kids let of some steam anyway!  And the views of the lake and Thunder Mountain are great from here, if you wanted to get some great photos!

Pocahontos Village

Pocahontos Village


We met Mickey and Minnie who were just great with the kids and it was a lovely experience to meet them together.  Their halloween outfits are just beautiful too – loving the vibrant colours with the CoCo feel to it.

Meeting Minnie and Mickey at Disneyland Paris

Meeting Minnie and Mickey at Disneyland Paris

We had a last few rides on Thunder (thankgod for Fast Pass and Parent switch) and I brought us all a skeleton popcorn tub to snack on – and it’s a great keepsake!  The kids wore their new t-shirts today which we brought them from a shop on Mainstreet.  The sun was out and they really wanted to wear them.  So we took some last snaps before heading out of the park and into Disney Village.  We said goodbye to the Castle and actually, it was a little bit emosh!  This place holds many special memories for us, and it really is sad saying goodbye!

Skeleton popcorn pot in front of Thunder Mountain

popcorn in front of Thunder Mountain

Miss W and Mr B in front of their favourite ride Thunder Mountain

Miss W and Mr B in front of their favourite ride Thunder Mountain

Each time we come, we just have to have a Earl of Sandwich.  So after having a last little look around the stores, we headed there for lunch before we said our final goodbyes and headed to the car.  You can keep your car parked at the hotel until you leave so there is no set time to get off the property.  We left around 2pm which worked for us as we had a 6pm Euro Tunnel booked.

Our journey to the Tunnel was smooth and we hit no traffic which was great.  The kids were sad we were leaving but still had that Disney buzz and were happy.  Unfortunately we had a delay once boarded and despite the 2 hour delay of us sitting in the car – the kids were golden.  Finally at 8pm France time, we left.  We then had our 3 hour car journey home from the coast.  Which is where we then hit another huge hurdle.  We broke down…

I couldn’t believe it.  We had no warning apart from the oil light coming on about 2 minutes before the car literally shut down and nothing worked, not even the hazards.  Thankfully we pulled into a lane and we had AA cover in place.  But the experience was one I would not want to repeat ever again.  The kids were frightened, it was cold and to be honest, I was upset and shook up.  By the time we got towed to a local service station and waited for a car to take us home, it was around midnight and we were all exhausted.  What was an absolutely amazing trip was slightly ruined due to our experience.

After some investigation, we were made aware that the reason for our breakdown was due to negligence of a staff member who completed our service at a well known car garage…and didn’t complete their checks, failing to fit a sump plug correctly.  This resulted in a massive oil leak and completely ruined our engine.  We couldn’t believe we managed to do the trip we just did without breaking down sooner.

All that aside, we had such a wonderful trip, and on reflection, it hasn’t put me off driving again.  We absolutely love Disneyland Paris, and cannot wait to feel that special feeling again once there.  It really is something magical.

Thanks so much for reading xxx

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  1. Matt says:

    Such a magical place is Disneyland Paris!!

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