June 27, 2021

Does Vinyl Flooring Last for a Long Time?

Designs, fads and tastes change almost month on month and are very hard to keep up with. Many choices made at the beginning of a century are not around by the end of it, and it gets harder and harder to keep personal tastes satisfied.


When people look at their homes, more specifically the flooring, how do they choose something that will be around after a decade and not lose its style and appeal?


The answer most people have found is in luxury vinyl flooring to see them through the years. The benefits are vast compared to other flooring options and offer a longer-lasting life span, complete with the option of ease of changing should your tastes differ over the years ahead.


Easy to Assemble


Laying a luxury vinyl floor such as the lowest price Amtico flooring is not a complicated task.


After selecting either glue down or click together options you would be surprised to learn that the process of installation is quite simple and does not require the services and price tag of a professional to do the work. If you are a dab hand at DIY you can find yourself dedicating one afternoon to laying this new flooring yourself.


With that ease of assembly also comes the ease of uninstalling the flooring to either replace sections or the entire floor if you choose to go to a different style, saving you pounds, time and stress.

The Easiest Clean


Being manufactured to a very high standard, luxury vinyl flooring has a scratch-proof, stain-free, moisture-resistant option under your feet.


Wear and tear, discolouration and stain can ruin many other types of flooring, but vinyl brings levels of protection to the home ensuring that your subfloor is shielded and you won’t be moving furniture over to hide an embarrassing scratch or scuff.


The durable quality and cushioned properties ensure that vinyl will outlast any other carpet, wood or laminate flooring that suffers from a daily dose of abuse.

Gourmet kitchen features white shaker cabinets with marble countertops, stone subway tile backsplash, double door stainless steel refrigerator and gorgeous kitchen island. Northwest, USA


The Creative Part


One of the most endearing qualities vinyl offers is the volume of creative opportunities it affords you within the home.


If you have adjoining rooms with different feels, you can install dark wood to stone or ceramic to give a personalised touch to your lifestyle. You can even use vinyl in the bathroom due to its anti-moisture properties and it is protected from water and any tendency to rise with temperature changes.


Children’s bedrooms are an area with a lot of heavy activity so you could give them a look and feel of their own that will last much longer than a carpet.


Luxury vinyl tile flooring is the choice for people who love the long-lasting style, security and protection in their home design.


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