February 20, 2020

Dreamimals DayDreamimals Key Charm Review

Last week we had the pleasure of reviewing the Dreamimals DayDreamimals Key chain – a helpful sleep aid for children.

And it came at a perfect time to test out during our latest adventure to Disneyland Paris.  Taking ourselves off into a new environment with the kids can be daunting, especially when it comes to sleep.  Some children really struggle to adapt to sleeping in new surroundings and it can be helpful to have something that is there to sooth and support a child through this transition.

Sleep aid for recording kids dreams Dreamimal DayDreamimal

But I bet your wondering?  What is Dreamimals?

What is Dreamimals?

Dreamimals originally started with the Dreamimals pillow.  Featuring a few different styles, this dream pillow is perfect for kids who love to write down their thoughts and dreams and have it to hand when they rest or sleep.  Inside the pillow is a hidden pouch, where written dreams are stored, and is perfect for supporting a child with their sleep.  Bedtimes can be a tricky time for many children, and this really is the ideal gift for a child who may need that extra support during these times.  It can really encourage a better nights sleep and is also a great aid for your child to write down how they may be feeling, something that they can either do alone, or with guidance from their parents.

What is Dreamimals DayDreamimals Key chain?

Stemming from the Dreamimals Dream Pillow, came the DayDreamimal.  This is a much smaller version of the soft soothing pillow, with the addition of a keychain meaning it is perfect for on the go.  Whether your child is off on a sleepover, holiday or simply off to school and want to take their DayDreamimal with them, this is great to carry around with them.

Dreamimals DayDreamimal Keychain Pinkie

Missy chose Pinkie, a super soft pink bear.  Included with Pinkie DayDreamimal comes  dream cards where your child is encouraged to write or even draw their dreams or wishes during their day.  All three designs (there is also Sharkie and Lamby) are super soft and made from 100% all natural cotton.

Pinkie also attaches to Missy’s rucksack easily and is a cute appealing addition, catching many a childrens eyes during our travels!

Our thoughts of DayDreamimal Keychain

Missy loves to write, especially when we are in the car or out and about.  So having something that is on her being whilst we travelled was perfect for her.  She loved the dream cards and enjoyed writing down her thoughts about the day ahead, slipping them into the DayDreamimal to keep safe.

Keychain Key ring Dreamimal Day Dreamimal

When it comes to mental health, it is so important for children to SHARE.  Whether they prefer to speak to an adult or to write it down, Dreamimals is another important aid that supports this no matter what their age (recommended from 3 +)

It really is a lovely, fun and a friendly approach to supporting a child with their feelings, also a great addition to supporting children when it comes to sleep.  It offers comfort and encourages children to be forthright with their feelings whether that be through writing or drawing.  Perfect for positive thinking and reassurance in children too!

Overall, we are really impressed and we love how Dreamimals encourage and instill a healthy mind in children!

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  1. Sarah Farnworth says:

    Really good post Love the product.

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