November 23, 2018

Elf on a Shelf Ideas

Elf on a shelf ideas….

Right guys, the time has nearly come to welcome the little Elves back into our homes to cause mischief! Time to panic!  Time to fret!  Time to wake up in the middle of the night and think, Shite I haven’t moved the bloody elf!

We’ve been doing Elf on a shelf for a couple of years now so I thought it was only fair to share on my blog my top mischievous elf ideas to give you all some inspiration for when they arrive next weekend (ours are called Snowy and by the way!)  I suppose now I have Baby K, I’ll need to buy another Elf – bugger!!

So without further ado, here are some elf on a shelf ideas to make this year a little easier.

Elf on a shelf ideas

1. Get your Elf to play doctors, using the children’s doctors kit if they had one or your own first aid kit.  Even better, get the plasters and bandages out and wrap them up!

2. Get your elf to investigate the fridge and get the eggs out.  Have fun drawing funny faces on the eggs – the kids love this one!

Get drawing on your eggs with pen with this elf on a shelf idea

3.Have toy cars or ride ons?  Get your elf to be mischievous with the flour and make tracks!

Have toy cars or ride ons? Get the Elf to sit on the car making tracks in flour in this elf on a shelf idea

3. Get your elf helping himself to a big bowl of the kids cereal, sitting up at the table or breakfast bar and of course making a little bit of mess!

5. Got board games?  Then get your elf to play!

6. This one involves a little bit of patience, and some frozen peas!  This one is brilliant for the older kids who can read!

Elf on a shelf ideas - get frozen peas and spell Ive Pea'ed myself

7. This does make the kids chuckle!  Hang their undies on the Christmas tree!!

This is great to include in my elf on a shelf ideas - hanging the kids pants on the Christmas tree!

8. Get your Elf on the shelf to do some cleaning!  We got our Elf to do some hoovering, however you can get them to dust, wash up or load the dishwasher!

Elf on the shelf ideas - hoovering!

9.Sometimes our elves can be goof elves and read!  Get your elf to read either downstairs or in the kids rooms – its nice one for them to wake up to!

Elf on a shelf ideas - reading a book in the kids rooms being good

10. It’s not what it seems – I promise!  If you have a child that’s using the potty, or simply a potty in the house then get your elf to do a wee wee on the potty!  Well, not literally but all you’ll need i some orange squash to add to the bowl which looks like wee!  Kids love it of course!

Elf on a shelf ideas - get them to do a wee wee on the potty!

11. Get your elf to go for a walkie!  If you have a pushchair or any ride on in your home, use it and involve the other teddies too if you don’t have two elves! Oh and look, get the elf to wear a nappy for added fun.

Elf on a shelf ideas - get your elf to go for a walk in the pushchair!

12.  This is a popular one.  Get some toilet roll and roll it all down the stairs.  Get your elf and put him/her into the actual roll and just make a mess!

Elf on the shelf having fun with toilet roll down the stairs

13. The kids think this one is great as they often wonder where the elves are until they brush their teeth!!

14. A simple but fun one – get your Elf to hang off a light fixture!

Elf on the shelf ideas - get your elf to hang off a light fixture

15. If it won’t upset the kids, get your Elf to open up their advent calendars!  We had one a few years ago that was purely out for show as it was a lovely train  We had filled the boxes with chocolate still so it still looked like the elves had been up to no good!

Elf on the shelf ideas -get your elf to open up the kids advent calendars!

16. Get your Elf to wear a pair of shoes!

Get your elf on the shelf to wear shoes!

17. Another game one but thought this deserved a separate add.  Get your elf to play Pie Face!

Elf on a shelf playing pie face!


And there we have it!  Although my list won’t fill up your whole month, I hope this can offer some inspiration so we don’t all lose the plot thinking of Elf on a shelf ideas!!  Good luck!

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6 responses to “Elf on a Shelf Ideas”

  1. Matt says:

    Some great ideas there!

  2. Some great ideas here – I need new inspiration after 5 years!

  3. Some fab ideas here, I especially love the peas one and hanging undies on the tree. I will definitely have to use these ideas this year xx

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