April 21, 2020

Establishing a Web Presence

The Start of Effectively Trading Online

As a business owner you are adapting to changes in business and you are requiring to trade from home. Many businesses find themselves struggling to set up, especially in where to start when it comes to getting yourself out there.

Here is a brief start up guide to establishing a web presence for your business.

What’s the Goal?

You know your service or product, but how to successfully translate that to someone who may not know they need it? First take time to think about your target client and what they expect to see on your intended website.

It is worth remembering that whilst it’s your website, it’s designed for attracting clients and showcasing what you do for them. Look at competing websites and businesses not linked to your industry. If you understand what they are saying, it’s worded for you. It sounds simple but clients can be put off by jargon they don’t understand.

Establishing a webs presence

Finding your Domain

The importance of an existing URL not conflicting with your website is among the first things to research. Nothing can affect success more than discovering there is another company trading under a suffix as techshed.com if you were planning on techshed.co.uk.

If you discover the URL has not been taken, it is worth paying out to secure other URL’s such as .net to stop other parties causing confusion with intended clients. Sites such as Wix and GoDaddy can be utilised to check the availability.

Hosting on the Web

Look into where to store your data and look into where the best web hosting server for your website needs is.

Most businesses choose external web hosting providers, looking into the most secure, speedy and most value for money. This should not be made by the first page of an online search for ‘cheap web hosting provider’, you are going to need to ensure the provider you choose is responsive and has a good track record. It’s more expensive if downtime on your site costs business and you end up switching providers in the long run.

Building the Content

How proud of your brand are you? Not only how you word your website but also how you build it.

There are two options. You can build a website from the free platforms on the internet, but you find yourself limited on presentation and the content you can provide. 

Another option is to bring in a professional web developer to build and run your website. This comes with a set up fee and monthly charge, but also web hosting, full design and problem solving. There are no limitations on what you want from your site, and more importantly, you are not affecting business by taking time out to work on it constantly.

Remember, things in business change, so too must content on your website with regular updates. You want to consider having a service that handles those areas.

With content, remember what you are writing about and who you are writing for are two different parties. Communication is key so get someone else’s feedback on how content is worded, presented and communicated.

Are you Selling Through your Website?

Is your business selling products through the internet? You need to understand what the right product for that is.

If your goal is fully trading on the internet with products to sell then an ecommerce option, such as Shopify or GoDaddy, is the way to go.

If you are looking to sell items as an extra to your website, then shopping cart software is the option for you. Research into the functionality of any software from reviews and client feedback. You don’t want something complicated for you or your customers.

Ready to Go? Let’s Test First.

Okay looks good, feels right but let’s just take extra time ensuring everything is working how it should. Double check any small glitches, all your wording and presentation is how it should be.

Allow someone to test the site, let them read through and interact with it. There could be something overlooked that could do with attention before making it live for the world. Remember, first impressions count so it’s worth ensuring you look good upon arrival.

Market yourself online

You may think just having the website active is marketing, but how are potential clients going to know about it?

Display your new URL on social media pages. Create some ads with a link in business groups online. This will generate traffic to your website and generate business for you. Time, expense and effort on your website does no good if no one knows it exists.

Responsive web design is achieved through many different factors and you cannot be an expert overnight. Stockport website designers are trained in years of effectively delivering results for clients on successfully trading on the internet. 

Thanks for reading xxx

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