July 3, 2020

Family Crafts with Viking Direct

On a rainy Saturday morning, the kids and I had the opportunity to join a virtual crafts session with Viking Direct via Zoom.  This was a first for us and we were all really excited to take part!  Viking sent us a huge box of items in preparation for our virtual crafts event; many items that families would already have at home.  Items included toilet rolls, bubble wrap (ah how therapeutic!) hand wash and paper straws!  The huge packet of chocolate was also very intriguing!

Getting creative with Viking Direct

Viking Direct is a well known brand selling all sorts of stationary and office items.  It was great to learn that they also offer craft supplies and products too.  This is super helpful to know when wanting to do a ‘stationary and craft’ haul as this means we can purchase all from the same place!

Once we had unpacked all our crafting items and supplies, we were ready to meet Jane from Tea and Crafting who was running the session on behalf of Viking Direct.  She introduced us all and laid out the plans for the morning.  We were to be making chocolate bubble wraps, fire breathing dragons, and walking tape feet!

Family crafts with viking direct

Chocolate Bubble Wrap

Immediately, the kids eyes lit up when it meant our first task was to crack open the chocolate!  This was a simple yet effective activity to do with the kids – and a lot of fun.  If you wish to make your very own chocolate bubble wrap, follow the instructions below:

You’ll need:


2. Hand Sanitiser

3.Bubble wrap

4. Scissors

5. Bowl

6. Microwave or stove


1. Break up your chosen chocolate into a bowl and microwave for 30 seconds.  Continue to stir and microwave until the chocolate has fully melted.

2. Carefully cut up a small section of bubble wrap to work with.

3. Spread the chocolate evenly onto the bubble wrap making sure it is the correct side up (this is where we failed and put it onto the smooth side instead!)

chocolate bubble wrap craft activity

4. Then place your chocolate onto a flat surface in the fridge to set.  This should take about 1-2 hours depending on how cold your fridge is!

5. Once the chocolate has set, peel it off the bubble wrap (this is the fun bit!) and then eat it!

Fire breathing Dragons

I look a good craft activity, and this is one of those that is fun, a little bit messy and ends up with fantastic results!

You’ll need:

Toilet roll


Stickers/Felt tips


Tissue Paper




1.Grab a toilet roll and cover it with a chosen coloured piece of paper.  Do this by rolling some paper around the toilet roll and cutting off at the desired length.  Then stick down with some glue by covering the toilet roll and covering with the paper. (it can still look fab even if you have white paper!)

making a fire breathing dragon with viking direct crafts

2.Decorate your now covered toilet roll however you wish.  We had some fun stickers!

3.To make your Dragons eyes, simply draw a pair of  eyes using a sharpie onto a piece of paper or card, with a square shape off each circled eye. Once you’ve then cut these shapes out, bend the square section so that you can then glue this down, and your eyes will look 3D.  Glue then on to your covered toilet roll to make his eyes.

fire breathing dragon crafts

4. Do the same with a nose!

5. Using tissue paper, then cut strips for your fire.  We cut them about 10-15 cm in length.  We then stuck each individual strip into the inside of the toilet roll at the end furthest away from the dragons eyes.

6. Now, hold your dragon at an angle, and blow into it.  The fire (tissue paper) will come alive and the dragon will breath fire!

fire breathing dragons family crafts with Viking Direct

Walking Tape Feet

This is a great activity and not only to complete, but also a lot of fun to play with after!

You’ll need:

Large sellotape roll

Paper straws (x 1 for each walking feet)

Ear buds (x 3 for each walking feet)


1. First, cut the straw in half equally.  Then stick into the inside of the sellotape roll on each side so that a section of the straw is hanging over the outside and also on each opposite end.  You’ll need about a 10-15 cms length of straw sticking out each end of the sellotape roll.

2. Remove the white cotton from each of the cotton buds (you’ll need 3 ideally).  Then cut one of the cotton buds in half.  Sellotape each half you have cut, onto the two remaining earbuds.  This will lengthen each one.

3. Using a piece of card or paper, fold it in half and then trace/draw around your child’s foot.  Then cut out through both sheets of the folded paper.  You’ll now have two cut out feet.

cutting out our feet for walking feet tape

4. Now tape your cotton buds to the inside of each foot making sure you have the correct foot to go on the correct side of the sellotape roll.  Tape the cotton buds towards the top half of the foot.

5. Then slot your cotton buds (with the feet attached) inside each straw.

6. Roll the sellotape roll with the feet now attached across a smooth hard floor and watch then race!

walking feet tape activity with kids

Thank you so much to Viking Direct and Jane for having us join in with their virtual craft event – we had such a wonderful and creative time!

Thanks for reading xxx


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