April 30, 2024

Fishing opportunities when you charter a yacht on the Mediterranean

Fishing brings us that one moment of peace where we can enjoy our surroundings and feel the warmth of the Mediterranean sun on our skin. But to do that, it’s essential to choose the best and most luxurious Croatian yacht charter.

Why luxury? Why not, after all, we are in the Mediterranean, we’re here to have fun and possibly catch a big and delicious fish we can cook on the grill later.

What is the best yacht for fishing?

Though choosing a yacht charter for your fishing trip may be a tempting decision, the selection of the right boat takes time and thought.

Unlike just choosing a Croatian sailing boat for pure leisure cruising, specific features become paramount for a successful fishing trip. Here’s why there’s no single “best” yacht for fishing, and what factors to prioritise when making your choice:

Size and Amenities

Larger yachts naturally offer more amenities dedicated to fishing.  Look for features like fighting chairs specifically designed to handle powerful catches.

Outriggers that extend fishing lines further from the boat are crucial for trolling, while ample deck space allows for manoeuvring and fighting fish.

Consider the number of anglers in your group. If you have a larger group, charter a Croatian catamaran, which will be able to accommodate more people comfortably, but smaller vessels might provide a more intimate fishing experience.

Top fishing destinations in the Mediterranean yacht on the water with blue sky

Fishing Style

Matching the yacht’s capabilities to your preferred fishing style is key.  For hardcore big-game hunters targeting massive bluefin tuna or marlin, a yacht built for offshore stability and equipped with heavy-duty tackle is essential.

Leisure anglers seeking bottom fishing for snapper and grouper might prioritise a smaller yacht with a focus on manoeuvrability and efficient jigging operations.

Local Expertise

Consulting with a reputable yacht charter company with extensive knowledge of the specific fishing region is invaluable.  They can recommend yachts specifically suited to the target species and prevailing fishing techniques in your chosen destination.

Besides, potentially some boats would give you the opportunity of chartering a seasoned fishing guide who is surely an expert in the area of water and would, most possibly, increase the chances of landing that trophy catch.

Top Fishing Destinations in the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean Sea is indeed a precious arena for fishers because of its variety of fish species and beautiful panorama. These are the top fishing destinations across the Mediterranean:


Dalmatia is Croatia’s coast famous for a very dynamic coastline consisting of small hidden bays and scattered islets in the sea.

Here anglers can troll pelagic species such as dorado, and wahoo or habitat-restricted species like redscorpionfish or Amberjack. Also, the Adriatic Sea has become famous for the excellent fishing of the majestic bluefin tuna.

Top fishing destinations in the Mediterranean Croatia


Island hop through Greece and discover a fisherman’s paradise. The waters of Rhodes, Crete and Corfu sparkle with an endless variety of marine creatures.

Hook massive swordfish, fight giant bluefin tuna, or jig at the bottom for species like grouper and snapper.


The Aegean Coast of Turkey offers a unique blend of history and world-class fishing.

Cast offshore for swords and marlins, or explore beyond the shoreline for colourful grouper, snapper and dentex. For a truly memorable outing, try the combination of fishing and an exploration of ancient ruins and charming coastal settlements.

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