August 2, 2020

Fun ways to get your kids to clean their teeth

At some point over the 10 years of being a parent to my three children, we’ve struggled to get the kids to brush their teeth.  And I think any parent will agree, the twice a day battle is tough!  All we want for our children is to be healthy and to have clean and healthy teeth and gums when it comes to their oral hygiene.  Brushing them twice a day can be a difficult challenge but I wanted to share my tips and tricks on how to get the kids to brush their teeth and be happier when doing so.  So, what are my top 5 fun ways to get your kids to clean their teeth?  Read on!

1. Cho0se a fun character toothbrush

Let’s face it, no child is going to want to brush their teeth with a boring standard toothbrush.  I decided to take my youngest to the supermarket and got him to choose out his very own toothbrush last week!  This time, he chose Colgate Minions Battery Toothbrush for the second time running, and seemed impressed with his decision!  It is a great way to encourage any aged child to enjoy keeping their teeth clean and taking part in the decision on exactly how to do that!  Giving them the choice and involving them seems to give them that bit of independence and lets them be apart of the experience in a more holistic and fun way!  This Colgate battery powered toothbrush is perfect for age 3 years and up.

Minions colgate electric toothbrush waitrose

2. Go electric!

Choosing an electric or battery powered toothbrush is not only a healthier option, but it is also far more fun than cleaning their teeth with a regular toothbrush.   Getting your kids to take part in brushing their teeth by pressing the button, listening to the buzz and enjoy the sensation of vibration on their gums and teeth make bushing their teeth a much more fun experience!  And its also teaching kids good dental hygiene at the same time!

Minions colgate electric toothbrush fun way to get your kids to clean your teeth

3. Use a timer

We have introduced a timer into the children’s brushing schedule, making the experience more of a challenge, especially when they brush their teeth together.  Using a timer is a great fun way to get the kids to clean their teeth as they become more aware of time and the importance of how long they need to brush their teeth for, without it being dictated by their parents or carer.  Independently they can see how long they need to keep brushing for, and this is far more appealing!

Brushing kids teeth with an battery powered toothbrush fun ways to get your kids to clean their teeth

4. Use music

We found a great video to watch during some of our brushing teeth routines for the kids, one of them being Sesame Street Healthy Teeth, Healthy Me: Brushy Brush.  The kids not only love the song, but they mimic the characters and it makes a much more fun experience for them watching a video.  You can find this video on Youtube Kids.

Fun ways to get your kids to clean their teeth

5. Join them!

Whilst your kids dental routine may not be at the same time as yours, it doesn’t mean you cannot join in with the activity!  Setting an example is another great way of encouraging your children to brush their teeth.  If your child watches exactly what you do, and recognises that its part of your daily routine, then over time they’ll surely want to join.  As they say, practice what you preach!

And there you have it  – my top 5 fun ways to get your kids to clean your teeth!  Do you have any to add to my tips list?

*This product was gifted by Colgate, but all views are my own*

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