March 21, 2023

Funny & outrageous driving test fails revealed by UK Teenagers (True Stories!)

Believe it or not, around 52% of the UK’s driving test takers fail their test on their first try! However, you can help balance out this statistic. We all know there are many variables that can cause teenagers to fail their driving tests. It could be unpredictable weather, nervousness, hesitation, not looking at your mirrors, or it could even be the most ridiculously random, one in a million reasons that lead to a failed driving test and leave you saying, “what the heck?!”. This article is going to reveal some of those juicy stories now. 

Regtransfers – Personalised plates Supplier, took to Facebook groups and online forums to find out how people failed their driving test. They ended up revealing some of the funniest and most embarrassing moments they still struggle to live down.

Teenagers are faced with many life challenges. GCSE’s, A levels, degrees and you guessed it, their driving test. One thing is for certain, preparation is key. With a calm mind and laser focus, nerves shouldn’t get the best of you. Start by believing in yourself and trusting in everything your instructor has taught you. Remember they believe in you, so you should believe in yourself.

Finally, what you all have been waiting for…here are some of the most outrageous and true driving test fails to try and avoid when it’s time to do yours! 

  1. [Uncontrollable Nervous Laughter]

“My friend tripped over (purely by accident) the driving instructor just before her test. She laughed hysterically through her whole driving test” – Laura


  1. They See Me Rollin’

“When I was taking my test I stalled on a hill, it rolled back a little, I cried, got out the car and just walked home leaving my instructor” – Danni-Lea


  1. I Got Hit By a Parked Car

“I crashed into another car, I was doing so well before too with only 1 minor. I turned into a side road and I was a bit far over and so was the other car… luckily wasn’t too much damage lol” – Louise


  1. Tis But a Scratch!

“Crashed into a stationary vehicle on a crash course. The examiner left me in the car alone with the bumper hanging off!” – Natasha


  1. She took the midnight train going anywhere

“My school friend overtook a long line of stationary traffic waiting for a train at a level crossing.” – Charlotte


  1. Third Times a Charm! 

“The first time I failed, was failing to stop at a zebra crossing when someone was on it. Then the second time, I nearly ran over a cat” – Jasmin


  1. Well…that escalated quickly!

“In my second test, my instructor said go straight over at the roundabout so I took that a little too literally and went straight over a curbed roundabout! Needless to say, I failed that test too.” – Kim


  1. Driving Test Nightmares

“I drove past Gordon Ramsay and was so shocked I nearly ran over someone at a zebra crossing.” – Josh


  1. Blinded by the light

“Pulling an emergency stop in the middle of the road when you mistake the sun for a red light” – Kyle


  1. I’m not crazy, my mother had me tested

“I had the windows down and a bee flew in. I was attempting to back into the parking spot whilst also wildly swatting at the bee. I ended up diagonally across two spots with one wheel on the curb… and the tester hadn’t seen the bee. He thought I was insane…” – Sarah

Yes.. these are all true driving test fail stories around the UK. What’s the worst that could happen to you? You’ll be fine and if not, at least it will make an epic story!

Thanks for reading! xxx



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