January 2, 2022

GAMMA: The all weather heated jacket *Review*

If anyone knows me well, understands that I feel the cold. BAD!  I always say that I must have thin blood haha but on a serious note and I am sure many will agree, it can be miserable when your cold.

In recent years, a few brands have introduced a way to keep us cold ones warm with their technological magic, including GAMMA, whose invention is pretty amazing to say the least!  To those who may be reading and thinking ‘Yeah I have heard this all before’ then wait!  GAMMA have invented a heated jacket that uses an upscale and futuristic material called Graphene, meaning that it almost acts as a second skin, offering all over warmth and comfort.  The material allows heat to be evenly and equally distributed to parts of your body that need it.

You may think that something as high tech as this may be looking ugly, but in fact GAMMA heated jacket is very pleasant to the eye, offering a simplistic design for both men and women.  So let’s talk some PRO’s of this heated jacket which I think you’ll love:

Women wearing GAMMA Jacket holding front


– GAMMA is unique and there is nothing else like it on the market

– The heated jacket, using its high tech material, locks heat in

– The jacket is wind resistant

– The heat is evenly distributed across the whole jacket (no chilly areas in sight!)

– Whilst you can heat the jacket up, your own body heat will also play a part in allowing the jacket to keep you warm.

– If your own body heat isn’t allowing the jacket to work it’s magic, then simply turn on the built- heaters.

– The built in heaters are super light and thin, meaning you won’t be uncomfortable or irritable when wearing it.

– The heat is powered by a power bank in which you simply keep in your pocket.  It’s as simple as one click.

– There are 3 settings so it’s up to you how warm you require your jacket to be!

– It looks great and available for both men and women.

Couple strolling though snow in woodland wearing Graphene GAMMA jacket in black

GAMMA: Graphene explained

Graphene is a completely new word to me as I am sure it is to you, but it holds so much scientific worth that it has even won a Nobel prize.  So what else can graphene bring to this GAMMA heated jacket?  Not only is Graphene temperature controlled and mimics human skin, but it also allows the jacket to be waterproof, damage proof and as mentioned earlier, wind proof.  And interesting to know, this jacket is the ultimate safety jacket, as nothing can break through Graphene.  This Gamma Jacket is strong enough to actually repel knife punctures and extreme wear and tear.  And despite you thinking that this jacket is for extreme cold conditions, it also has built in UV rays meaning your skin is protected from the sun.

Couple strolling though snow in woodland wearing Graphene GAMMA jacket in black

Graphene is completely hypoallergenic and antimicrobial and is also odor free.  To keep your jacket clean, it is machine washable and as it is anti crease, this jacket is versatile and has a long shelf life!  And if you love a pocket, your in for a treat.  GAMMA has 10 pockets (2 of which are hidden) making this jacket perfect for outdoor adventures.  It’s the kind of sporty jacket that really, all outdoor adventurers have been looking for!

Close up of Zip on a GAMMA heated jacket

Interested?  Learn more about GAMMA here www.weargraphene.com


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4 responses to “GAMMA: The all weather heated jacket *Review*”

  1. What an amazing invention. I need this jacket in my life as I am always cold.Its fascinating how it works.

  2. Lucy says:

    This gamma jacket was made for me. I struggle in the cold weather really badly so this jacket would be perfect for my morning walks round the park. As someone who burns easily and struggles with allergies the graphene sounds so beneficial.

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