January 8, 2019

Happy 1st Blogging Birthday!!!

Happy birthday to meeeeeeee!!!  1 year ago today, I wrote and published my first ever bog post on positive thinking for the New Year!!! (you can read that here if you wish)  I cannot believe a whole year has gone by and it sure has been a crazy year!!  Before I reflect on this incredible experience over the past 12 months, I just want to say a MAHOOOOOOSIVE




Thank you to everyone that bothers to read my blog posts.  Thank you to everyone that follows me on social media.  Thank you to everyone that leaves me a comment now and again on a post or on here.  Thank you to everyone who has sent me messages of support, encouragement and has helped me with anything parenting related or just life related!

A cupcake, diary, pen confetti and surface pro showing my home page of my blog

Its my blog birthday!

Thank you to my family and friends who has listened, asked questions, shown an interest, shared my excitements, shared my worries and concerns, come along to blogging events or days out and just offered a listening ear.  I really really REALLY am so grateful and thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

The mama juggle - all five of us smiling at the camera

Without my readers, family and friends, I couldn’t do this.  I bloody love doing it and it has been of great support to write down my thoughts and feelings in a blog or instagram post.  It has been therapeutic to write about certain things that I may not have shared in the past.  It really does make it worth while when I receive that message of support or a text to say that my post had helped them or even just readers relating to what I write about.  It’s so encouraging and supportive in both directions.

B, W and Baby K sitting on my bed against the headboard reading The Rainbow Gnome

This page of mine really has been a place for me to share family life, our adventures and the ups and downs of parenthood.  I had realised what I love to write about most, including my love for Disney and sharing my fashion faves with you guys.  Life as a parent isn’t always about being a parent.  It’s about what you love as an individual, whether that be sharing you love for reading, travel or fashion.  And I hope that my personality shines through in the variety of posts I offer.

My confidence has grown a lot since 12 months ago and I have really pushed myself to do and try new things, even as simple as going into the city centre by myself.  I would never had done that 18 months ago – I actually wouldn’t even visit such a busy (and what I thought was risky) place with the kids.  I’ve gone to events alone and met some lovely people, making new friends alone the way.  And I have also physically pushed myself, snorkelling with sharks at Bear Grylls Adventure and taking the sky trail through using our Buckt activity subscription box.

Me infront of a door at the diving area at bear Grylls adventure

We have also gone on lovely days out and reviewed a variety of toys and items for us grown ups which has been lots of fun!  Having family time is so important to me and I love to share this on my page, especially as these are positive and fun memories to look back on.  I am also featured in the Top 200 Parenting Blogs on Brand Ballot which is exciting and received a Libester award back in February 2018.

A close up of me smiling looking away from the camera

Who knows what the next 12 months hold, but I know I want to share more awareness around child loss and I find writing about J a big deal, and it is therapy for myself.  I also want to focus on sharing my thoughts and experiences of anxiety as this is something I live with everyday and can often feel alone in how I feel and think.  I will of course keep writing about Disney and who knows….there may be a new trip on the horizon I can share with you all!!!

Me wearing my baby pink spririt jersey meeting minnie and mickey at Disneyland paris - my disney fashion


Thanks for reading xxx

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4 responses to “Happy 1st Blogging Birthday!!!”

  1. Matt says:

    Happy birthday to you!! Best of luck with all the future blogs you do!

  2. Liz McLeish says:

    Happy first blogging birthday Shel! You’ve done an amazing job in the last 12 months, excited to see what’s next for you over 2019!

    Love you lots
    Liz xx

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