May 23, 2019

Happy 9th Birthday Mate

Yesterday was the day I could say I have a 9 year old!  WTF!?  Time has gone incredibly fast since I welcomed Mr B into the world on the hottest day of the year!  It wasn’t the easiest labour by a mile and shocked me to the core!  But, it gave me the gift of my first son.  I think whenever we reflect back on our births it can be a real mix of feeling totally surreal but yet you remember every single detail vividly.  It is also bitter sweet.  Whilst I certainly do not want to give birth again after three times, I also feel sad I’ll never do it again!

*Read my full birth story for Mr B*

Me and Bailey asleep in the hospital bed after giving birth story


It was just me and B for three years and 10 months until Missy came alone.  For the first few years it was a total life transformation.  What the hell, I have a little human to look after!  And it was a juggle, with only just finishing my degree and approaching my career as a social worker.  We had sleepless nights, we had back and forth doctors appointments and a new feeling that comes with having kiddos – parent worry!

As he grew, his personality shone through and our baby boy turned into a funny and playful toddler.  Life was full of the next milestone and I remember absorbing it all in.



Before B turned 4 we welcomed Missy into our lives who just slotted in perfectly.  And thats when I really saw just how wonderful Mr B was.  He wasn’t afraid to become a big brother, and totally took it in his stride welcoming a small squidgy little lady into the mix (and I know he wanted a baby brother!)  But he adored her, and whilst they do have a different kind of sibling relationship now (as I am sure you can imagine!) he does really love her.



When Baby K arrived it was all go.  And whilst having three kids can be a total juggle at times, it has really opened my eyes up to how being a big brother really comes natural to B.  He absolutely loves Baby K and more often that not helps me to no end when it comes to looking after him!



Do not get me wrong, of course turning 9 brings with it a whole host of new attitudes and behaviours.  At the moment we have the whole ‘faffing around’ before bedtime – back and forth to the toilet, back downstairs to get ice for his drink, then changing bunk beds as the mattress is too bumpy.  Yes, there is always something!  And of course, he loves gaming and spends some time hooking up with his pals chatting away on Fortnite, Fifa or Need for Speed.  But, just as much as he loves his PS4, he loves football and spends equally as much time in the garden and playing for his local team than he does ‘chilling in the playroom’.



It’s a funny feeling isn’t it when you welcome a birthday along for one of the kids.  Wow, its another year gone and where has that year exactly gone?!  It can feel a little wobbly knowing them years are gone and are far behind us.  That you’ll never experience them particular milestones.  Yet at the same time, it is also filled with excitement and hosts a whole new set of milestones ahead.  I’m feeling that we are getting extremely close to the tween and teenager years, but do feel confident that Mr B will be a pretty chilled teenager (of wish I hope!)  He has that persona of getting on with things and holds a pretty confident personality.  He is always willing to try new things and communicates well with me, which is so important! He does already go into strops though so no doubt that will increase (lord help us!)



After an adventurous 9 years, her we are.  Welcoming another year ahead of us, for which I am so grateful for.  I am so proud of Mr B, he is such a kind and generous lad and I know already shows the potential to be a wonderful Dad one day.



Love you mate xxx


Thanks for reading xxx

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  1. Matt says:

    Happy birthday mate xx

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