April 24, 2023

Helping Your Child Develop their Vocabulary

Vocabulary is what helps us all speak and communicate with others, build our language skills and write in effective ways. At toddler age your child will begin their language journey by taking part in writing, reading and listening exercises, which can be greatly supported by parents at home too. Here are some tips to help your child develop their vocab skills both in the classroom and at home.

How to help your child develop their vocabulary

Read plenty of books

Books will help your child pick up new words and get to pronounce them over and over. At toddler age a picture book is great for describing these new words as they come up. Reading is also a good time for your child to pick up on their grammar and sentence structure as well – a good way to build all the key elements needed to build their language skills.

Play word games

Word games are very popular with children because they get to see their progress right in front of them. And the best part about word games is that you can bring them out at any time in your child’s day – in the car, on holiday, on a walk and sitting in the living room playing. Changing the environment makes your child think a lot more on their toes as well.

See what your child is learning about in nursery

Having a good understanding of what your child’s learning about in school will give you a good place to develop their vocabulary skills. If you follow their curriculum as much as you can then it can help your child pick up what they might have missed in their nursery day. Froebel Worthing Nurseries recommend this approach to help each child maximise their time in a learning environment.

Repetition is key

Always make time to repeat lots of words that your child has picked up recently. It’s a good time for children to see where they are in terms of progress, and it’s also ensuring that your child is retaining this information for future use. At a young age it can get easily lost, so ensure that they are hearing these new words continuously when they learn about them.

Thankfully, your child should be immersed in a lot of different environments where they can naturally pick up new words and phrases. It’s a great time for your child to explore the language they will be using their entire lives, while making the experience fun and invigorating.

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