May 20, 2021

Helping Your Child Succeed in School

What is the key to helping your child succeed in school? Is there a secret ingredient? The answer to that is yes and no. There are so many factors at play when we look at the reasons behind why some children do well in school and some don’t.


Some children are very well suited to the routine and structure of traditional educational settings while others struggle. Some children have learning disabilities which impact their educational journey but that certainly does not mean that they cannot succeed at school.


Today there are an estimated 286,000 children in the UK with diagnosed learning disabilities such as Dyslexia, Dysgraphia and ADHD with many more suspected to be undiagnosed due to various social factors at play.

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Looking at your child as an individual


As parents it can be tricky to view your child as a separate entity from yourself or their other parent. It’s easy to slip into, “Oh but I’m so good at Maths and so is your Mother…why aren’t you good at it too?” but this is unhelpful.


All children are unique. Of course, they have traits in common with their parents, but they have their own unique personality and set of natural skills. It doesn’t follow that they will automatically be good or bad at the things you excel or struggle with.


As your child reaches school age, their preferences might already be coming in to play. A child who loves art and crafts will usually excel in that area. Children who adore story time might have a particular affinity for literacy.


Watch and encourage. When your child seems to show special interest, ensure they have every opportunity possible to pursue and learn more about that subject. It may be something you’ve never considered to be interesting, but you should nevertheless ensure you help your child to learn all they can about it.


Watching out for the struggles


Keep a careful eye on their progress. If they seem to start to dislike a certain subject do your best to de-mystify it. Maths struggles are common, but you can help a struggling child in multiple, fun ways. Learn together and if needed, get them a tutor.


Maintain routine


Leave the house at the same time every day. Routine is the best way to help children learn about good timekeeping. When they are old enough for homework, instil a routine of snack and then homework. It’s much better to get homework out of the way so that your child can then enjoy the rest of their evening in peace.

Keep your child’s confidence boosted by staying in touch with their teachers and by ensuring that they attend school regularly. As this independent school in London believes, all children have the capacity to succeed when they are encouraged in the right ways. Help them to grow with plenty of extra-curricular activities. Success isn’t always bound up in academic achievement. It can sometimes come in other forms.


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