August 4, 2021

High Fashion for Men – Fall in Winter Fashion Tips

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The seasons in the United Kingdom are unpredictable. Right now we are experiencing summer heat, but in a few short weeks fall will be here and winter will quickly rush in. We will hardly have time to put away our summer tees and we will be reaching for our wool jackets and inspecting our leather boots. Now is the time to inspect our fall clothing and to prepare for the winter months. All the high-fashion companies have prepared for their fall and winter lines. Start now, and pick up fashion items that will be rocking the UK this winter and you may even get them at a lower price. Our celebrity men’s fashion, Carl Thompson, has given us some great tips to help you begin.

Fashion advices from Carl Thompson

Carl Thompson is an award-winning leader in the industry of men’s fashion. He is the man behind the top 10 eponymous men’s fashion blogs. He has written an interesting article for the lottery giant Lottoland where he shares tips on how a person can dress like a millionaire.


Lottoland is one of the world’s largest and most prestigious offshore casino companies. They offer more than 30 lotteries and so many games that you could play for hours. They are based out of Gibraltar and fully licensed and insured.

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Men’s Jumper & Jackets

Get yourself a few nice jumpers. Carl enjoys colours like grey or clay. The jumpers with contrasting stripes around the colour and sleeves are really nice and add elegance to the look when you add a jacket. Make sure your jumper has plenty of texture. This year everything is going thicker, with lots of depth. You will see a lot of quilted jackets. Double-breasted jackets and camel coats will be worn in the cold days and nights.

The favourite shoe

The Chelsea Boot, by River Island, is very popular. It is also a quality item at a bargain price. The Chelsea Boot, by river Island has a double pull on each side for ease of putting them on and off.

70s Throwback

You’re going to love the throwback to the 1970s. It will be a year where the 1970’s will be popping up. Don’t be surprised to see oversized jeans, fur collars on jackets, longer hair, and wider belts. Remember, this is a passing trend so don’t get carried away. Limit your pieces to a few nice pieces and be careful with your hairstyle. Make sure your hair style can be recut to a stylish style. You’ll see a lot of tee shirts this year. There are the 70s “art” tees and the modern tees with political sayings that are popular today. Be careful- the one you are currently wearing could be the next collector’s item.

The Most Important Tips

It doesn’t fit if it isn’t tailored

You can buy a very expensive suit, have your shoes hand-selected to match them, and wear the finest jewellery and cologne ever made – and look sloppy, not put together, and cheap. What makes you look like a person of class and wealth is the way your clothes fit you. This means your clothes must be altered to fit you. No man of wealth would ever wear anything that was not tailored. This means shirt, pants, and jacket. A professional knows exactly where your pant leg hits your ankle. He knows where your sleeve should fall on your arm and how to keep your clothing from binding.

Take care of your shoes

Never wear worn-out shoes. Good shoes last for around 10-years.  But, they need maintenance. Inspect the shoe. Does it need a new sole? Do the strings need to be replaced? Are there scratches that need to be removed?

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Repair, Rotate, Remember

Pay attention to your clothes. Men often make the mistake of wearing the same outfit over and over. Make a note of what you wore to the last occasion. Be sure to rotate shirts, jumpers, accessories to give yourself fresh looks. Spend the money to take your clothes to the cleaners. They will get your clothes much cleaner that you can at home and the freshly ironed shirts and pants give you a look of wearing new clothing. Have buttons and zippers checked and replace loose or broken ones. Never ignore a stain. Assuming no one notices it is a mistake. The fact that  you know you have it and wore the item anyway speaks volumes. Respect yourself! Have fun with your socks. A splash of colour there is fine.

These fashion tips will help you maintain an easy wardrobe that is comfortable and cutting edge. It takes minimal effort. It may take some effort to get used to making your style a priority. But, if you want to be a man of status and  success, it starts here. It starts with assuming the position.

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