April 3, 2024

How to Care For Your Elderly During The Winter Month

As one gets older they are not as strong as they used to be in their youth. Their bodies are not able to handle as much as they used to and most of them find it difficult to adjust, especially in the winter.

Even before the winter, some of them battle with respiratory and musculoskeletal illnesses which get worse during the winter. The temperature becomes colder, daylight hours become shorter, and they are more likely to get ill during winter.

Therefore, it is of great importance to take extra care of your elderly loved ones during the winter. This article will guide you on how to keep them warm and safe, maintain their physical and social health, and promote their social connection and mental health.

It will also teach you how to prepare to take care of your loved ones during the winter and keep them safe.

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How to Keep Your Elderly Loved One Warm and Safe at Home

During the winter, the temperature gets colder and the floor gets more slippery than usual, hence, you have to ensure that they are kept warm and safe from falling. We will therefore look at temperature control and how to prevent falls.

Temperature Control

During the winter, you have to ensure that the temperature inside the house is consistent in warmth and comfort. The ideal temperature to keep the house in is 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

Check for broken windows or areas where the cold may threaten to seep in and seal them. If you have a fireplace, ensure there is enough dry wood to keep the furnace on.

Whether or not you have a furnace, you can install space heaters or buy electric blankets that can be controlled. This way, warmth is always ensured for the elderly person.

Preventing Falls

During the winter, the snow and ice on the walkways and decking make those surfaces slippery and unsafe for an elderly person to walk on. You have to ensure that the footwear they wear has good traction so the friction ensures they don’t fall.

The snow and ice on the pathways have to be cleared with a shovel to create a safe path for them. Also, the lighting at home should be bright to ensure that they see properly and there should be grab bars so they can have something to hold onto.

It might also be a good idea to hire domiciliary care personnel to keep your elderly relative company and ensure that they are well attended to.

Maintaining Physical and Mental Well-Being

One of the things you should take into consideration when it concerns your elderly ones during winter is maintaining their physical and mental well-being.

There are two ways that you can achieve that and they include putting them on a healthy diet, making sure they stay hydrated and making sure they perform mild physical activities that will keep them exercised.

Healthy Diet and Hydration

As people get older, they need more fruits, vegetables and whole grains because they contain a balanced nutrient of vitamins and minerals. They should also reduce their intake of sugary drinks and take more water instead.

Their water intake should be higher than before cause they need to stay hydrated to avoid worsening cold symptoms. Their meals and fluid intake shouldn’t come late or irregularly but should be timely.

Exercise and Physical Activity

Your elderly loved ones need to stay physically and mentally active as it helps them to stay in a great mood, maintain balance and improve blood circulation.

They can also perform mild exercise routines such as chair exercises or gentle yoga to help them stay active. Continuously, their food portions should be controlled so they don’t get obsessed as that will be unhealthy for them.

Social Connection and Mental Health

The winter season has a way of isolating people from their friends and keeping them inside most of the time. Sometimes, the sun does not come out for days which can cause seasonal depression.

Not to worry, technology can come to our aid as always. This means that they can stay connected with their loved ones through video and phone calls, chats or in-person visits.

They can also keep themselves busy with hobbies or social activities such as reading their favourite books, solving puzzles, and playing board games. This helps them to combat winter blues and loneliness.

Winter Preparedness and Safety

How can one prepare their elderly loved ones for winter? You can start by stocking up the house with essentials as you may not be able to leave the house for some days and taking safety precautions.

Stocking Up on Essential

There are periods when the winter storm becomes heavy and no one can step out. Hence, you need to go grocery shopping and stock up your fridge with non-perishable food.

You also need to stock up your first aid kit with medication in case of emergencies. Fill up your gas tank to have a backup plan in case of power outages.

Winter Weather Safety

You can use your phone or watch the news to stay updated about the weather forecasts. This helps you to be prepared for any seen or unforeseen situations that may arise.

Avoid traveling during such w  inter seasons especially when the storm has gotten bad. If you wish to step out to a destination within the town, you should wear thick layers of clothing, socks, boots, gloves, a hat, and thick warm coats.

Final Words

If you have an elderly person staying with you, then it is of utmost importance that you prepare properly for the winter. After reading this article, you should use the information in it to get ready for the winter.
It will be nice to share some ideas that have worked for you in the past in the comment section below so that others can learn.

Thanks for reading xxx

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