May 25, 2022

How to Raise a Team Player

Being a team player is all about collaborating with others and being respectful, even if you don’t necessarily like some of the people in the group. It’s about acknowledging how one’s own skills and abilities work in harmony with the skills and abilities of the team to ensure success. Team working skills are important for youngsters to grasp early because they are required throughout life. Read on for some advice from a private school in Surrey on how you can raise a team player.

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Encourage Socialisation

Try and find ways to encourage your child to interact with other people so that they can practise their social skills. Strong social skills are key to teamwork, because your child will need to know how to communicate and connect with people, sometimes of different ages, genders, and ethnicities etc. Arrange plenty of playdates while they’re young and perhaps encourage them to pursue extra-curricular activities where they will make new friends.

Teach Respect

Help your child understand that they need to treat people with respect, even if those people have different beliefs or opinions. Being part of a team requires tolerance and cooperation. So, talk about feelings and explain to your child that they way they treat people can affect their feelings. For instance, if they are mean, they might upset someone, whereas if they are kind and compassionate, they will make someone feel better.

Give Your Child Chores

Asking your child to help around the house will teach them to be a good team player at home. It will show them that when people work together to complete a task, that task is usually completed quicker and to a higher standard. Chores will also teach your child about being helpful, which is a key component of teamwork.

Value their Opinion

Show your child that they should value other people’s opinions by doing the same for them. You might not necessarily agree with everything they say, but making them feel heard is important for teaching them how to respect people.

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