April 28, 2023

How To Start Travelling More Sustainably

Travelling has never been simpler, allowing everyone to explore the world. As a result, tourism has exploded! For instance, recent data shows that UK residents took over 71 million trips abroad in 2022 alone. However, widespread tourism may harm communities, cultures, species, and ecology. In light of this, sustainable travel has become more popular over the years, providing an opportunity to travel responsibly while reducing environmental impact. Here are four helpful tips for positively impacting your destinations while travelling sustainably.

Avoid popular tourist destinations

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According to My Hotel Break, sustainable travel can be as simple as choosing a smarter holiday destination. Many countries aim to achieve carbon neutrality, and you can help their efforts by making them first on the list. It is best to ignore the newest travel trends based on famous movies or television shows. For example, Game of Thrones made Dubrovnik, Croatia famous. The trend created issues for the place since it was unprepared for large tourism. The growing traffic, degradation of historical landmarks, and rising costs led to many problems, especially for residents. Therefore, before visiting a destination, conducting thorough research would help you choose the ideal place to visit without compromising on sustainable travel.

Research before booking

Booking sustainably is a good approach to travel responsibly. While planning your sustainable travel, Investigate the ‘greenness’ of the lodgings and trips you want to book. This type of information is usually available on their website. Many hotels now participate in green travel initiatives or contribute their income to environmental causes. Meanwhile, certain accommodation types are known to be more environmentally friendly. For instance, some villas incorporate sustainability in the day-to-day operations of the place. So, if you’re headed to Portugal, you can search for luxury villas to rent in Quinta do Lago to help you make the right choice.

Prioritise sustainable transportation

According to research, the travel and tourism industry contributes approximately 8% of the world’s carbon emissions. As a result, the travel sector plays a significant role in global warming, one of the most serious dangers to the prospects of tourism, individuals, and the planet. The majority of tourism’s carbon impact is accounted for by driving, air travel, and other modes of transportation. All forms of transportation require energy, but some are eco-friendlier than others, so it matters how you get to, from, and around your destination. For example, if you plan on taking your car with you, consider shipping it because doing so causes less pollution as only one car carrier is being operated rather than the eight to twelve cars it is hauling all being driven at once.

Pack light

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Packing minimally and purposefully is a simple but effective approach to contribute to sustainable travel. It is also simpler to transport lighter stuff. Cut your luggage contents in half by carefully considering what you’re bringing. You can also do a few things to support your sustainable effort, including packing a refillable water bottle or boxed water instead of buying single-use plastics, ensuring you travel with a vegan and plastic-free SPF, bringing your own food on the flight if it’s allowed, since most aeroplane meals come with single-use items, and packing thin materials like clothes to carry more.

Generally, planes and automobiles are the least efficient ways of transportation. When travelling to nearby sites, consider taking the train to save emissions while enjoying the environment. If you must hire a car, compact, hybrid or electric models are more sustainable options.

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